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Trends: plants and flowerbeds in the apartment and office. That is, how to organize greenery in interiors?

22 of August '22

Bujnie as a definition of modern interiors - what is biophilic design?
From the series "Furniture, accessories - trends 2022".

Research shows that in 2030 ⅔ of the people on earth will live in cities. In turn, living in a city means that we spend 90% of our time indoors - home, office, gym possibly a restaurant or movie theater. Rapid urbanization, as well as the impact of pandemonium and isolation, has caused us to break contact with nature, which, as Edward O. Wilson the father of the design trend called biophilic design proves, is crucial to our physical and mental health.

Biophilic design trend

Biophilic design manifests itself in many aspects of building and interior design. From the provision of natural light, the view from the window to nature, lush vegetation in interiors, the use of natural materials to patterns and colors. In this text we will focus on one of the most important aspects of biophilic design, which is plants in interiors. And as plants it is known that lush!

Greenery designed lushly

Bujnie is a design studio and manufactory, where flowerbeds and furniture are designed and produced, thanks to which you can quickly and aesthetically green your interior, home, office or restaurant by introducing plants and flowers into it. Studies show that greenery in office interiors increases productivity by 8% and creativity by 13%, increases the level of concentration among children, raising the learning rate by up to 25%. And at home it provides balance and tranquility.

Flowerbeds for many plants - or how to bring a lot of greenery into an interior in one go?

When it comes to trends in the world of flowerbeds, one of the main trends is the ability to quickly green up an interior with multiple plants. Preferably on a single flowerbed, making it possible to create green flowerbeds and walls in the interior, which perfectly fill empty spaces with life.

Kwietnik Tillo Kwietnik Tillo

Tillo flowerbed - a modern plant stand

Photo: Yassen Hristov | © BUJNIE

Tillo standing flowerbed

Exuberantly created the award-winning Tillo modern standing flowerbed - T4 and T3 - for its design and functionality. This metal flowerbed will hold up to 8 plants inside, while thanks to different levels of shelf height, it will expose the beauty of each plant. It is powder-coated, which prevents its corrosion and protects it from delicate damage. T3 and T4 versions of this metal stand differ in the number of places for plants. The collection of these flowerbeds has been recognized by the jury of such design competitions as Good Design and Must Have.

Kwietnik M:OD

M:OD flowerbed - a modular wall flowerbed.

photo: Ula Koska, Paweł Mrowiec | © BUJNIE

M:OD wall flowerbed

If not a standing flowerbed, then it is worth thinking about developing empty walls and using a wall flowerbed. An example of a wall flowerbed for a larger number of plants, because as many as 20, is the M:OD flowerbed. Powder-coated metal construction protects the flowerbed from damage and corrosion. This wall flowerbed is available in 3 designs, from which you can create your own original arrangements, designing your own green wall.

Kwietnik ścienny BUDDY - system modułowy

BUDDY modular wall flowerbed available now in September


BUDDY wall flowerbed for climbing plants

Climbing or hanging plants need conditions that allow them to grow in all directions. They climb upward, hang downward or creep horizontally. But they are always accompanied by growth and movement toward the sun. BUDDY is a modular wall flowerbed system that allows any configuration that is best for the growth of our plant at any given time. By adding more modules, the flowerbed grows with the plant, or group of plants. The user has full freedom in forming arrangements suitable not only for the plants, but also for the interior. The flowerbed consists of a stem, and buds that transform into a flower. The flower is a metal shelf for a plant pot, which can climb at will along its stems. The collection will see the light of day in September.

Stolik kawowy Ovio

Ovio coffee table - Halo mirror in the background

photo by Szymon Serej | © BUJNIE

Furniture for plants

Also noteworthy trend is the redefinition of the basic functions of interior elements so that they allow the introduction of greenery into interiors. Here, the Halo Mirror and Ovio Table are great examples. A mirror that houses a plant and a coffee table that allows you to place plants in it and also leave a newspaper. Such a table would be great in a hotel lobby or reception area.

Kwietniki Tondo i Milo oraz konsola Doppi © BUJNIE

Tondo and Milo flowerbeds and Doppi console

photo: Szymon Serej | © BUJNIE

Bujnie flowerbeds allow you to create green walls like the Totem flowerbed. They make it possible to divide space by hanging plants from the ceiling - Dou and Mou hanging flowerbeds, or enrich the interior with stronger Bauhaus accents like Milo and Tondo flower beds or Doppi console.

Kwietnik Su

Su flowerbed - metal flowerbed for the wall


They can also provide an invisible setting for plants and make it seem as if the plant is levitating in the air, which the Su wall flowerbed makes possible.


No matter what kind of plants you want to bring inside. Whether tiny herbaceous plants, huge areca or monstera at Buzyn you will find the right metal flowerbed for your plant and interior.

For more information, visit the company's Bujnie page on PdA.
Also available for download: Company's product catalog and 3D Files.

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