Create your own jungle with Bujnie - flowerbeds and furniture for plants

Create your own jungle with Bujnie - flowerbeds and furniture for plants

The company Bujnie specializes in floral design. They create flowerbeds and furniture to introduce and organize greenery in the interior of your home, office, hotel or restaurant. The hallmark of their designs is their clean form and precise, handcrafted workmanship.

Kwietnik Hula

Hula flowerbed

© Bujnie

Design studio and manufactory

In their designs, they combine functionality and aesthetics so that lush furnishings are an elegant, graphic decoration of any interior and expose the beauty of plants. They design in accordance with the philosophy of biophilic design. This means that they always put human beings and their need to commune with nature every day at the center of their work. All products are made in their manufactory in Silesia from the hands of the best craftsmen.

Konsola Doppi

Doppi Console, Tondo Flower Bed

© Yassen Hristov

Flowerbeds and furniture of the highest quality

The offer is rich in floor flowerbeds, wall-mounted, hanging from ceilings, for one and many plants, for small specimens, but also for really big ones. In their offer you will also find, furniture like the Halo mirror or the award-winning Ovio table, which also have space for your favorite plants. Lushly has helped green thousands of homes and hundreds of offices, restaurants, as well as hotels.

Kwietnik Tondo

Tillo flowerbed

© Yassen Hristov

Custom designs made of steel

In their Silesian manufactory they work directly with architects, realizing their boldest individual projects. From steel they are able to create, almost anything! Their products are powder coated in any RAL color. Thanks to this technology, they gain permanent protection against corrosion, so they can also be used outdoors.

Kwietniki Cosmo

Cosmo flowerbeds

© Tom Kurek

Quality and design backed by awards

Bujnie is a well-known brand of the design world in Poland, as well as abroad, as evidenced by realizations in Paris, Milan, London and even distant Seoul. As well as, the awards they have won over the years.

To their credit they have:

  • Lodz Design Festival "Must Have 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021" award.
  • Finalist in the Good Design 2021 competition organized by the Institute of Industrial Design

For more information, visit the company's Bujnie page on the PdD portal.

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