Personalization of shower enclosures - how much can you customize your shower enclosure?

For years, we have witnessed a strong trend related to the adaptation of shower enclosures to the dreams, needs and technical conditions of bathrooms. The range of possibilities is so wide that simply providing information about solutions is hard to do. In order to help a little those carrying out renovations of their apartments, we would like to highlight some of the most important aspects related to this.

Kabina Walk-in z kolekcji Nesta, ze szkłem ryflowanym, półprzeziernym Visiosun (Na Wymiar)

Walk-in cabin from the Nesta collection, with Visiosun fluted, translucent glass (On Dimension).


First of all, colors!

The possibilities of decorating the cabins with different colored hardware are now very wide. When we implemented cabins with a brushed gold finish years ago, we did not expect how much interest in colors would increase in the following years. Today we can choose from copper, gunmetal (brushed graphite), gold and the still very popular matte black and white colors. In order to expand the range of possibilities, in 2023 we have also introduced colors unique in the bathroom market: black chrome and copper shine. At the same time, it should be noted that thanks to continuous cooperation with our customers and professionals in the market, we have led to a situation in which the cabin is not just an obligatory, big piece of bathroom equipment. For some time now, our products have been a dominant decorative element that determines the design of the entire bathroom. The cabin, being a unique addition to the perfectly matched wall and floor coverings, can, together with the fittings, be a form of „bathroom jewelry”.

Kabina Smart Light Gold, walk-in z przesuwną ścianką, z dodatkowym wieszakiem relingowym

Smart Light Gold walk-in cabin with sliding wall and additional railing hanger


Ergonomics and a multitude of solutions

The second component of shower enclosure design in a broad sense is the fact that bathrooms today are very different. From small bathrooms in old communal buildings to large bathing rooms. Our range is designed so that the customer, among more than 7,000 models of cabins, is able to choose the right shape, size, color and door opening. Depending on the possibilities of the room, the adjacent elements of the bathroom infrastructure, or even previous customer experience, we can choose from a wide range of shapes and sizes, from small (even 70 x 70 cm) to spacious cabins (such as 120 x 120 cm) and larger. Plus shapes: square, rectangular, rounded, pentagonal and many asymmetrical modifications. Still fashionable are minimalist walk-in cabins. However, if you prefer lockable cabins, you can again choose from cabins with sliding, swinging, outward-opening or fully folding doors.

Kabina Avexa Gunmetal Brushed ze skosem i murkiem w programie Na Wymiar

Avexa Gunmetal Brushed cabin with bevel and wall from the Na Wymiar program


When standard is not enough

It is also becoming increasingly apparent that despite the huge base of standard products, clients expect customized solutions. Year after year, the number of cubicles we deliver in the Na Wymiar project is growing. The most common cases are delicate modifications to the dimensions, such as to recesses or fitting the cabin into an accurately measured space, in order to ensure a balance in the room between comfort of use and ergonomics of the entire room. Shower walls designed from floor to ceiling are also very popular. We also specialize in unusual attic cabins, which are incorporated under the bevels of roofs. It should also be added that in the Na Wymiar project we have a wide range of possibilities for modifying the glass in the cabins. Semi-transparent, tinted and completely white glass are very fashionable. In order to facilitate customers' renovation activities, we also provide services for measuring and installing products. Thanks to our network of specialized New trendy Certified Installers (, we are able to assist in the selection and correct sizing of products.

Cabins for long years of use

For years, we have also been observing the growing awareness of our customers, who, above the lowest price, are increasingly choosing quality, attention to detail and ergonomics. Users especially appreciate long warranty periods (up to 7 years and more), a wide service network, full availability of spare parts and a flexible approach to unusual cases in our company. Our products serve people for many years, because that's how they were designed. In 2023, in order to further increase satisfaction among our customers, we have implemented the groundbreaking Active Shield 2.0 protective coating technology. It is applied to the glass surface mechanically, and then fixed with UV radiation and bonded to the glass surface in the process of infrared heating. This allows us to declare 10 years of durability of the coating.

Kabina New Soleo Copper Brushed w wersji pięciokątnej dwudrzwiowej (Finalista Dobry Wzór 2023)

New Soleo Copper Brushed cabin in a pentagonal two-door version (Finalist of Dobry Wzór 2023).


Investment in user satisfaction

Recent years have shown that customer focus is the most valuable investment. We are present in social media, where with the best designers in the market, we inspire our customers with beautiful bathrooms designs. We have a new website, which has made product selection simply easier. We have a cabin configurator( Our products can be found in the best bathroom showrooms throughout Poland. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer.

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