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Outdoor spaces - Trends 2022

27 of July '22

Outdoor spaces - Trends 2022

If we want to influence the well-being of users, we can't forget about the quality of the outdoor spaces surrounding buildings. Their execution and arrangement will have a big impact on how they will be perceived. When designing outdoor spaces, we can't forget about easy accessibility for everyone, a sense of security, eye-pleasing urban furniture and landscaping elements, the right choice of durable and resistant materials, and ecological solutions, including paving that will help retention of rainwater paths. Join us for an overview of the latest design trends for outdoor spaces.

new generation paving blocks and slabs

The slabs and pavers available from Bruk-Bet can successfully decorate urban squares and the space around public buildings, allowing vehicular traffic of any load. The largest paving slabs in the XL dimension of the Novator® series are a new solution in the Polish market, and their geometricity, pure form and transparency enable them to give a modern look to designed spaces.

Novator® City - system kostek i płyt brukowych nowej generacji dedykowany dla nowoczesnych przestrzeni użyteczności publicznej

© Bruk-Bet

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Novator® City - a new generation of paving blocks and slabs system.

a recipe for long-lasting paving

If you are looking for a pavement that will last for decades or even generations, it is worth taking a look at the proposal of WRKB-GRANIT, which works to create spaces that arebeautiful, healthy and safe to use. Their offer includes stone surfaces made of timeless black diabase from Sweden, known for its durability.

WRKB-GRANIT - z myślą o tworzeniu przestrzeni pięknych, zdrowych, bezpiecznych


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WRKB-GRANIT - with a view to creating beautiful, healthy, safe spaces

pavement that lets water through

Why do streets sink during heavy rainfall? In addition to overflowing sewer systems, impermeable pavements are a big culprit. With a solution comes GalaProdukt, which has launched the EcoRaster and EcoBloxx reinforcement systems, which can be used to create load-bearing pavements that also retain the function of allowing water to pass through to the ground.

Przepuszczające wodę nawierzchnie firmy GalaProdukt

© GalaProdukt

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Water-permeable pavements by GalaProdukt

granite - high-end solutions

Natural granite, a stone known for its durability and rich color palette, is present in many areas of architecture and used in construction, outdoor spaces and interiors themselves. Architects and investors often turn to the products of Granit Natural, which offers, among other products, elegant granite pavers, slabs, facade cladding and even window sills made of granite.

Granit naturalny - trwały materiał o wielu zastosowaniach

© Granit Naturalny

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Natural Granite - a durable material with many uses

quality and safety

The fence around a building has many functions - not only does it mark the boundaries of the plot, but also gives a sense of security, privacy and is a showpiece of the property. So expect it to be durable, of the highest quality, aesthetically pleasing and free from constant maintenance. Where to find solutions that meet all these criteria? Budmat Metal Fencing Systems comes to the rescue.,15168.html

© Budmat

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Budmat Metal Fencing Systems - one fence, many possibilities!

an alternative to wood?

If you are wondering if there is any equally ecological alternative to wood, the answer may be hanit® from HANIMAT. It is a high-value material that is obtained by recycling recycled plast ics that iswidely used in both water and land construction. Products made of hanit® material perfectly harmonize with the environment with their color and surface structure and are used, among other things, in small architecture.,14749.html


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Hanit - a modern and ecological alternative to wood


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