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Villas like modern shepherd's huts. Settlement in Koscielisko designed by Karpiel Steindel Architecture.

27 of July '22
Technical data
Name: Settlement in Koscielisko
Investor: private
Location: Poland, Koscielsko
Project: Karpiel Steindel Architektura
Design team: Jan Karpiel Bułecka, Marcin Steindel
Usable area: 6 villas, each 80 m²
Implementation: 2021

Architects from the Karpiel Steindel Architektura studio are known for combining the regional traditions of Podhale with modernity. This is also the case with their new development - The Settlement in Koscielisko. Located at the foot of the Giewont peak, the six villas relate in form and materials used to mountain shepherd's huts. Note the roof coverings made of dranice.

Z domów rozpościera się widok na Tatry

The houses offer a view of the Tatra Mountains

Photo: Grzegorz Tatar © Karpiel Steindel Architecture

The investor chose a picturesque clearing located near Giewont in Koscielisko for the site of the functional residential development. The complex consists of six villas with an area of eighty square meters. The design inspiration was the Tatra shepherd's huts, which the architects made visible both in the form and the materials used.

Inspiracją projektową były szałasy pasterskie

The design inspiration was shepherd's huts

Photo: Grzegorz Tatar © Karpiel Steindel Architektura

A distinctive element of the houses is the roofing made of dranice - raw, untreated wood traditionally used in the Carpathian Mountains. Another solution to the tradition of simple regional buildings is the foundation of the foundation slabs on boulders. As the architects say, this is a reference to the construction of koliba on rocky debris. In addition, such a solution ruled out the need to interfere with the ground. As a result, the architecture has adapted to the terrain without destroying the surroundings.

Wille to mariaż nowoczesności z architekturą regionalną

The villas are a marriage of modernity with regional architecture

Photo: Grzegorz Tatar © Karpiel Steindel Architecture

modern shepherd's settlement

It is worth mentioning that until now the inspiration of huts was mainly used for seasonal architecture - summer houses. Karpiel Steindel architects decided to change this, creating a year-round modern settlement, recreating the form of pastoral buildings in Podhale. The project is also distinguished by the way the space is shaped - the houses were designed so that each of them has an individually framed, unobstructed view of the panorama of the Tatra range.

Charakterystycznym elementem są dranice

The characteristic elements are the dranice

Photo: Grzegorz Tatar © Karpiel Steindel Architecture

The intimate houses are fenced off only by a kosor - a shepherd's fence used in sheep pens. In contrast, the full glazing of the southern elevations opens up to the mountainous surroundings without depriving the privacy of the future residents of the houses.

Osada w Kościelisku zimą

The settlement in Koscielisko in winter

Photo: Grzegorz Tatar © Karpiel Steindel Architecture

The character of the settlement, which draws directly from nature, blends it into the surrounding landscape. The villas exemplify architecture that respects the place, while at the same time being a clear sign of the time in which they were built. The marriage of modern technology with tradition guarantees their uniqueness, the architects conclude.

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