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Glass System - glass wall systems for use anywhere in the office

07 of December '21


We create original solutions, including for the construction of glass walls used in interiors, which are based entirely on our own innovative designs. The end user always remains at the center of our attention.

Globis, Poznań

Globis, Poznan

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Design and security

The glass wall systems we have developed allow them to be used anywhere in the office, remaining in compliance with all applicable regulations - both for sound insulation of rooms and fire protection.
The form of our products is minimalist and gives architects a lot of freedom in design, thanks to a number of well-thought-out and researched solutions.

Libra Business Center
Horizon, Warszawa

Libra Business Center Horizon, Warsaw


System doors

We have a wide portfolio of doors, fully compatible with glass wall systems - from full-glass, wood or aluminum-framed doors to premium designer products.
All of our doors have been tested for sound insulation, and some are additionally approved for smoke-proofing. Our proprietary frame system is designed universally to give maximum freedom to architects.

Avast, Belgrad

Avast, Belgrade


Setting standards

Developing our products and setting new boundaries allowed us to obtain the prestigious status of Research and Development Center granted by the Ministry of Development of the Republic of Poland.
To our credit, we have dozens of original solutions, confirmed by utility models and patents.

For more information, visit the company's GLASS SYSTEM S.A. page on the PdA portal.

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