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Functional arrangement of office space using glass architecture

07 of December '20

We consciously create products

At Glass System, we help create welcoming spaces that are in line with contemporary design trends and lifestyles. We are passionate about everything we do, so we are constantly looking for new ways and ideas. We create original solutions, including for the construction of glass walls used in interiors, which are based entirely on our own innovative designs.

Glass in office architecture
without any barriers

The glass wall systems we have developed allow them to be used in any place in the office, remaining in compliance with all applicable regulations - both regarding acoustic insulation of rooms and fire protection.

Horizon, Warszawa, Studio
projektowe Workplace. © GLASS SYSTEM

Horizon, Warsaw, Workplace design studio


Regardless of whether the project calls for a budget single-pane wall guaranteeing standard acoustic insulation parameters for typical office spaces, or a double-pane fireproof system with acoustic parameters required for director's offices and conference rooms, the architect will find a suitable product in our offer.

Thoughtful design

When creating our products, we take care of the smallest details, combining eye-friendly aesthetics and functionalities that guarantee safety and comfort. We treat the design and development of developed products as a continuous process.

Our competence in this area has been recognized by the Ministry of Development of the Republic of Poland, granting us the status of Research and Development Center. Over the years, we have developed a number of proprietary solutions. Their innovation is confirmed by dozens of utility models and patents, registered in Poland and abroad.

Różne funkcje. Spójna
estetyka. © GLASS SYSTEM

Various functions. Consistent aesthetics.


    Glass System products allow architects to realize the most ambitious, impressive projects. When creating solutions, we always put aesthetics in the first place. We value minimalism and take care of the smallest details, realizing that they determine the final effect.
    In the case of glass partitions, comfort from the point of view of the end user, is expressed primarily in acoustic insulation. We are the leader in this area - we have created products characterized by the highest parameters in their categories (in the case of walls Rw up to 57 dB).
    Our solutions are consistent with each other not only visually, but also systemically. This allows them to be freely combined, obtaining individual sets of features, depending on your needs. This facilitates both the design of surfaces and the installation of systems.
    We develop all our products to meet the safety requirements typical of their application. The selection of our solutions guarantees compliance with current regulations, both in terms of fire features and durability.

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