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Biloba EVO hydraulic hinges in the offer of Interfit

01 of July '20

Glass in architecture has long been an important element, both in interiors and exteriors. It allows to achieve phenomenal visual effects without sacrificing the technical qualities of standard building materials, such as acoustics or durability. Interfit, through cooperation with leading European manufacturers, is able to offer a wide range of solutions in the field of fittings for glass structures.

Our specialists, through their knowledge and experience, are able to develop and propose concepts that combine aesthetics, functionality and reliability, regardless of the scale and nature of the project, whether it is office space or residential interior finishing elements.

Hidden functionality - Biloba EVO hydraulic hinges

zawiasy w muzeum Vitra

photo. © Interfit

Biloba EVO hydraulic hinges for swing glass doors allow glass doors to be equipped with a self-closing function without the need for additional closers, making the final visual effect even better, and in the case of floor closers, they allow avoiding interference with the floor. The entire hydraulic mechanism is hidden in the body of the hinge attached to the wall or glass and allows you to adjust the closing force. In addition, the hinges are equipped with caps masking the fixing screws. Thanks to their high technical parameters, they will find use in spaces of various purposes - both in commercial buildings and in private realizations.

Photo. © Interfit

Biloba EVO hinges

- for glass of thickness from 8 to 21,52 mm
- maximum leaf weight up to 120 kg
- two-stage regulation of closing speed
- self-closing angle from 160°

A diverse range of finishes means that matching the hinges to any arrangement will not be a problem.

dostępne kolory

© Interfit

Durability and soundproofing - GSW Office H door frames

photo. © Interfit

Combined with GSW Office H frames and glass, the hinges allow you to create a glass wall system that will create an aesthetically pleasing interior. The resulting rooms will not be inferior to normal partition walls in terms of acoustics, thanks to the use of a special drop seal in the door. In addition, in combination with frame profiles using the innovative IsoSound solution, it will allow better acoustic performance than with normal plasterboard.

Photo. © Interfit

The frame, which is part of the GSW Office system, is CE marked on the basis of the European Technical Assessment given by the Building Research Institute on the basis of strength and acoustic tests, so it will successfully meet the most demanding projects.

Photo: © Interfit

Like Biloba EVO hinges, the GSW Office doorframe is able to create visually light and unobtrusive structures thanks to its small dimensions, and in addition, the GSW Office system also offers solutions for hiding profiles in the wall and floor.

The door frame is fully compatible with the other products in the GSW Office family, most notably the GSW Office Panel, which allows the installation of access control readers, controllers and switches.

For more information, visit Interfit'swebsite on the A&B portal, as well as directly at Interfit offices.

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