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Fittings for glass structures in interiors. Designer hardware for offices and apartments

07 of December '20

Interfit - finishing elements for glass structures

The growing popularity of glass structures in interiors requires the use of reliable and discreet joints. Fittings of the construction brand Interfit Sp. z o. o. are perfect for the installation of all-glass shower enclosures, balustrades, partitions or doors. Check out modern solutions that improve the design of residential and office spaces.

Libra Business Center, Warszawa © INTERFIT

Interfit hardware for glass furniture and structures in Libra Business Center, Warsaw, Poland.


Interfit - distributor of the best solutions

Interfit cooperates with European manufacturers, distributing reliable finishing elements for glass structures in Poland. Among the proposed solutions are those by FSB, Colcom, Glass System or Dormakaba. Using such a diversified assortment, the investor is sure to gain fittings that perfectly match the project assumptions.

Okucia do szkła Interfit

Interfit glass fittings


Comprehensive range of hardware and glass - cooperation with Interfit

Interfitsupplies glass along with matching hardware, i.e. the elements needed to create a variety of glass structures. This is important for the success of the entire project and the desired end results. The result? An elegant and airtight cabin, office or stable balustrade, which become even more load-bearing and sophisticated thanks to the hinges. Hinges also have the advantage of infinite adjustment, zero position and quiet self-closing.

Wanting to gain access to a comprehensive offer and support on many levels, decide to cooperate with Interfit. The company's specialists provide technical advice, professional sales service, and create designs and visualizations for the customer.

For more information, visit the company's Interfit Sp. z o. o. page on the A&B portal.

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