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Glass fittings for bathrooms. The latest trends in German quality

09 of January '21

New Pauli & Sohn glass hardware from the Black Edition group

Pauli & Sohn
is a German company with 40 years of experience in designing and manufacturing glass hardware. Since its establishment, the manufacturer has focused on the quality and high aesthetic standard of its products. Access to all solutions and novelties from the collection of the German tycoon is provided by the official distributor - the company Interfit Sp. z o. o..

New trends, new quality - Black Edition from Paula & Sohn

In response to the emergence of new trends in bathroom finishes, P&S is expanding the Black Edition group, which previously included the PAVONE, FLAMEA+ and FARFALLA collections in matte black and polished finishes, with the addition of the FLINTER and FLAMEA collections. In addition, the FLAMEA+ collection has gained a polished gold finish. The assortment of other shower enclosure accessories has also been supplemented with the aforementioned new color variants. The new finishes will allow the creation of shower enclosures and shower screens that perfectly harmonize with black and gold fittings.

Kolekcja Flinter ©
Pauli & Sohn | Interfit

Flinter collection

© Pauli & Sohn | Interfit

Subtle functionality of hardware from the Flinter collection

The FLINTER collection is characterized by the small size of the individual elements, providing discretion and subtle functionality. Thanks to the use of intelligent technological solutions, the hinges of this collection have attraction and self-closing of the doors on the last centimeters, as well as an opening angle of 180° for the hinges connecting two panes of glass.

Kolekcja Flamea+ ©
Pauli & Sohn | Interfit

Flamea+ collection

© Pauli & Sohn | Interfit

Refined aesthetics - hardware from the Flamea+ series

The FLAMEA+ collection offers hinges and connectors for glass with masking of fixing screws, thus achieving greater aesthetics of the hardware. In addition, during the development of this collection, the manufacturer focused on further reducing the gap of the hinges to further optimize the tightness, thus dispensing with the sealing profile. The hinges also feature increased load capacity, infinitely adjustable zero position and self-closing on the last centimeters.

Kolekcja Pavone ©
Pauli & Sohn | Interfit

Pavone collection

© Pauli & Sohn | Interfit

Hinges raised on both sides in the Pavone collection

The PAVONE collection itself is a completely new series of glass hardware in the German manufacturer's offer. The hinges in this series are an innovation on the market, as they are the only solutions available that are double-sided lifting hinges with an opening angle of 180°, so a shower enclosure created using them does not require the installation of gaskets. Thanks to their lifting and dropping, they also have a self-closing function, and if flush-mounting is used, they also ensure easier cleaning of the glass inside the cabin.

For more information, visit the company's Interfit Sp. z o. o. page on the A&B portal.

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