CreoConcept company has been on the market since May 2005. Since the beginning of its activity, it has been engaged in the supply and installation of system walls and glass doors, mobile walls and other elements of office interiors used to divide their space. The CreoConcept brand is created by a group of young, ambitious people, striving to provide comprehensive services at the highest level in the shortest possible time.

The company has at its disposal the modern machinery needed for the prefabrication of aluminum profiles and the cutting and processing of laminated glass. It has numerically controlled saws, CNC machines for processing aluminum profiles, automatic tables for cutting laminated glass, beveling machines and other necessary elements of the machine park, so it operates independently and fully professionally. CreoConcept has a machine park that allows it to follow the requirements of rapidly growing companies to create modern office interiors for them. Using state-of-the-art aluminum and glass systems, the company builds transparent structures with high levels of acoustics. Its employees believe that the sense of comfort and impeccable aesthetics of a given solution positively affect the high efficiency of its users: due to the above-mentioned determinants, it carries out orders in Poland and Europe.

As a modern and conscious company, CreoConcept fulfills its sustainability goals by fully recycling all the waste it produces.

The entity aims to become a leader in the market of finishing materials used for the arrangement of public spaces, i.e. products that enhance the aesthetics and ergonomics of designed interiors. In its activities, the company uses new technologies and solutions, allowing it to create products that give people joy and comfort in using unique spaces. The company is also distinguished by its attention to the working conditions created for its employees and its constant efforts to diversify its offer: it conducts its business with great commitment and constant passion.

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