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SunRoof 2-in-1: roof integrated with photovoltaic cells

06 of December '23

Design the future. Without compromise.

It's not about what kind of roofs you design. It's about what kind of roofs you can design. That's why it's time to say goodbye to standard solutions and hello to SunRoof's futuristic photovoltaic roof technology. It is the only solar roof that guarantees maximum luxury and elegance. It combines futuristic design with sustainability. It allows you to design buildings that not only impress, but above all serve people and the environment.

Solar roof 2in1
- design, ecology, innovation

Chosen by top architects for exceptional projects.
With SunRoof you set trends in architecture:
- extensive experience - more than 1,000 completed projects,
- international standards - solutions tested in Poland, Sweden and Germany,
- a full ecosystem of solutions - solar roofs, facades and carports, and innovative technology for energy management.

SunRoof 2-in-1: roof integrated with photovoltaic cells

SunRoof technology is a modern alternative to the traditional roof - it is a roof integrated with photovoltaic cells. It protects, insulates and complements the architecture of the building, powering it with energy and giving it a unique look.
The outer layer of the covering is made up of high-quality monocrystalline glass-glass modules, which convert the sun's rays into electricity. Thermally tempered glass provides high weather resistance and durability comparable to good quality clay tiles.
The unique 2-in-1 roof system excels in aesthetics and efficiency. It provides up to 100% free electricity to power all electrical appliances, heat your home and charge your electric car. It allows maximum independence from the ever-increasing price of electricity and turns the house into a private solar power plant, offering investors invaluable comfort and freedom to use everything electric in the environment.

Dach SunRoof na Czarnym Domu w Długołęce, k. Wrocławia. Autor projektu: Piotr Gniewek, TYYNI Studio

SunRoof on the Black House in Długołęka, near Wrocław. Designed by Piotr Gniewek, TYYNI Studio.


Swedish technology in a unique design

The SunRoof solar roof is inspired by Scandinavian minimalism and reflects the company's Swedish DNA - a passion for creating beautiful and practical solutions, developed with care for nature. It attracts the eye with its elegance and attention to detail. The stylish and simple design easily blends into any home design and integrates with materials of different shapes and colors. Perfectly matched, frameless photovoltaic modules create a smooth, uniform covering surface and ensure the tightness of the system. They allow architectural consistency and give buildings an original style and uniqueness that cannot be passed by. The photovoltaic roof meets the high aesthetic requirements of investors and is the best solution for both new and modernized buildings. It increases the value of the property and opens up new opportunities for energy independence.

Dom na Kujawach z dachem solarnym SunRoof: energooszczędny i niskoemisyjny

A house in Kujawy with a SunRoof solar roof: energy-efficient and low-carbon.


Solar roof: who said it has to be black?

Although black solar roofs are becoming more and more a part of our landscape, SunRoof shows that you can go further. Whether gray, red, white or any other color, it can build a modern photovoltaic roof in any of them. It doesn't impose design restrictions and promotes the creation of energy-efficient homes.
The ability to make SunRoof roofing in any color chosen by the architect or builder helps meet zoning requirements and implement integrated photovoltaic systems in historic buildings, those under conservation protection or other buildings that must meet the requirements of a specific style. In such a situation, SunRoof provides a high-quality, durable 2-in-1 roof that visually matches the body of the building.

Biały dach solarny i fasada doskonale oddają estetyczny minimalizm i jakość klasy premium

The white solar roof and façade perfectly convey aesthetic minimalism and premium quality


SunRoof Ecosystem

SunRoof is definitely more than a roof. It is a completely new concept for generating, storing and managing energy. SunPort solar roofs, facades and photovoltaic sheds turn buildings, neighborhoods and cities into energy-efficient units powered by clean energy. As striking canopies and a source of electricity to power electric cars, SunPorts are also a response to growing electromobility. The surplus energy they produce can be used to power electrical appliances at home.
The SunRoof system also includes technology for monitoring and managing power consumption, as well as the My.SunRoof digital platform, where the company's customers can track every stage of the roof's construction - from design to construction to commissioning. This provides convenience, functionality and time savings.

Dach solarny w kolorze terracotta wpisuje się w podmiejską czy też miejską zabudowę

The terracotta-colored solar roof fits in with suburban or urban developments


What makes SunRoof's solar roof different?

- 2-in-1 solution - one product that performs two functions: traditional roofing (protects and insulates the building) and photovoltaic system.
- Modern design - original, high aesthetics of the SunRoof roof.
- Highest efficiency - SunRoof generates more energy per square meter than competing solutions, using fewer materials and leaving a smaller carbon footprint.
- Longest warranty - 30-year warranty for up to 83 percent linear efficiency.
- Innovation and compatibility - integration with smart home systems and a digital energy management platform.

Pierwsze szare dachy solarne na awangardowym osiedlu Monolit pod Gdańskiem

The first gray solar roofs at the avant-garde Monolith development near Gdansk, Poland.


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