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Energy from SunRoof's gray roofs will power the Monolith development near Gdansk, Poland

29 of August '23

SunRoof, a leader in solar energy innovation, is revolutionizing the future of sustainable architecture with the first gray solar roofs. These unique roofs were built at the Monolith single-family housing development near Gdansk, Poland. Here the combination of technology, world-class design and environmental protection becomes a reality.

Roofs with solar power

A leading investment that symbolizes a new era in the field of ecological construction is the avant-garde Monolit estate in Straszyn near Gdansk. It consists of 8 residences with unique architecture, inspired by huge erratic boulders left by the Ice Age, known as monoliths. According to the vision of architect Pawel Lis, the building blocks are topped with stone roofs integrated with photovoltaic modules in the color of natural stone. They not only provide a consistent form and unique character, but also turn the houses into sources of clean electricity.

I designed the Monolith estate as a unique place that attracts with innovative architecture and at the same time is based on solutions that protect the environment. A place that creates a space that is functional and at the same time friendly to residents. SunRoof has given me the opportunity to realize my assumptions in a way that not long ago seemed unattainable," says Pawel Lis, architect and author of the Monolit housing development project.

This is SunRoof's first realization using gray photovoltaic modules. The roofs were specially designed and made for the Monolith estate to harmonize with its innovative and eco-friendly concept.

We have proven that the SunRoof system is suitable for any architectural style and does not impose restrictions on design. We like challenges, and we are more than happy to meet the next non-standard developments," says Martyn Szczepankowski, co-founder and Head of CEE SunRoof.

Szare dachy solarne na awangardowym osiedlu Monolit w Straszynie, k. Gdańska

Gray solar roofs on the avant-garde Monolith development in Straszyn, near Gdansk, Poland.

© Sunroof

Sustainable and comfortable lifestyle

The developer's expectation was to create an estate that combines originality with smart technologies, offering comfortable and sustainable living. "Green" electricity generated by solar roofs will therefore power the homes' electrical appliances, and each building will be equipped with a private charging station, allowing residents to use renewable energy to power their vehicles.

We are looking to the future, betting on state-of-the-art technology while satisfying the highest energy standards. The real goal for us is to use solutions that are in harmony with nature. We have achieved this, among other things, by harnessing solar energy through SunRoof photovoltaic roof technology. In harmony with nature is also our philosophy of using natural materials, taking advantage of the natural terrain or interior functionality dictated by sunlight and local flora. The idea of maximum symbiosis with nature is our guarantee of a better life," says Piotr Dorozik, President of Herzinvest.
It is from the needs of architects and customers that SunRoof's offerings need to be continuously developed. The 2-in-1 solar roof technology is intended to support the creation of future-oriented houses, estates and cities, where energy from the sun is an integral part of residents' daily lives, Martyn Szczepankowski concludes.

Solar roofs are already being used in a wide range of applications - from single-family homes to commercial buildings and public facilities. The ability to make SunRoof roofing in any color of the investor's choice is not only a competitive advantage for the company, but will also help implement modern photovoltaic technology in historic buildings.

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