SunRoof Technology Sp. z o.o.

A new era in roofing

At SunRoof, we have developed the most efficient and environmentally friendly solar roof. But at the core of our business is accelerating the world's transition to renewable energy sources. Our goal is to replace all roofs with solar roofs that will produce enough electricity to fully cover the growing demand of the world's population and ensure a green future.

The revolutionary idea for solar roofs originated in Sweden in 2013. We based it on solar technology that was ahead of its time, high quality and Swedish design. In doing so, we achieved a new level of roof functionality. Simultaneously protecting, insulating, ventilating the house and generating electricity. Integrated into the entire architecture of the building. A structure that is simple, lightweight and easy to install, thanks to the replacement of multiple layers of roofing, with a new specially developed material and fasteners. Matching panels and moldings perfectly blend together and provide maximum aesthetics. They give a modern design to attract attention with an ultra-smooth sheet that absorbs the sun's rays. A solution more innovative than ever before.

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