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A 21st century home from ANTA ARCHITECTS. Traditional form and energy from SunRoof

16 of December '22

Modern architecture should draw on tradition. Especially if the building is to stand in a suburban setting. This idea is perfectly reflected in the design of a single-family house in Owczarnia near Warsaw, by Daniel Cieslik and his studio ANTA ARCHITEKCI. It was created in response to the detailed guidelines of future residents, which concerned both function and traditional form. Innovative solutions such as the solar roof from SunRoof could not be missed.

The investor trusted us with our interpretation of his expectations. As a result, the house clearly refers to rural buildings, but it also has an element of ANTA ARCHITEKCI studio," stresses Daniel Cieslik, architect and founder of ANTA ARCHITEKCI.

ANTA ARCHITEKCI is an original studio established in 2003. Over the course of 19 years, it has won the recognition of investors, and thanks to their trust and the commitment of a talented team of architects, it has nearly a thousand completed projects and many prestigious awards to its credit. The studio's team consists of 20 architects and 14 industry specialists in construction and installation.

Dom z dachem SunRoof

House with SunRoof roof

© Anta Architects

Roof turned into a solar power plant

A simple gabled roof? Yes, but asymmetrical and acting as a private solar power plant. The SunRoof 2-in-1 system, an integrated photovoltaic covering, not only protects and insulates the building, but also generates electricity to heat the house, use electrical appliances or charge an electric car. The monocrystalline glass-glass modules that make up the outer layer of the roof provide durability and excellent weather resistance. Attention is drawn to the shiny, smooth surface of the covering, providing an aesthetically pleasing finial to the house.

As Martyn Szczepankowski, co-founder and Head of CEE SunRoof , points out:

"By using today's most efficient solar technology and integrating it into the roof, you can gain maximum energy independence, achieve an outstanding visual effect, and ensure a greener future for you and your loved ones.

Concrete "silo" - perverse and unconventional

A facade of brick and wood? By all means, but in combination with large glazing and a silo-referenced concrete module with a roof terrace. And it is this concrete silo that is the strength of the project. It is unconventional, stands out, and at the same time perversely fits into the whole. And yet from its roof there is a beautiful view of the surrounding area.

Dom z dachem SunRoof

The house with the SunRoof roof

© Anta Architects

Numerous and large glazings allow natural light into the house. They let the sun's rays into all its corners, providing residents with good energy and opening them to the surrounding nature. They also give elegance and lightness to the building. The whole creates a well-balanced and friendly space, which is the quintessence of functional design. The solutions used fully harmonize with each other, perfectly combining what is visually attractive, durable and practical during use. They offer comfortable, ecological living away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

For us, a modern home is all about comfort. It is to be fully independent and economical, thanks to its own water intake and efficient photovoltaic installation. It's a twenty-first century home served in a traditional form," adds Daniel Cieslik.

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