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Exclusive Aluline - a prestigious line of products selected by experts

13 of December '22

Eko-Okna S.A. is expanding its product offer with the prestigious Exclusive AluLine line, aimed at customers expecting uncompromising technological solutions going hand in hand with sophisticated design. Passion for creation with a pinch of elegance and good taste.

Exclusive AluLine offers bold design and comfort combined with energy efficiency and durability for years to come. This will be appreciated by demanding customers who never agree to give up either prestigious elegance or top performance.

The prepared set of products is designed to make the choice easier. Without getting acquainted with the entire market offer, you can bet on aesthetically consistent solutions of the highest class. The selected systems offer top technical parameters and perfectly fit into the popular architectural trends of modern construction.

Exclusive AluLine was created for customers expecting unconventional, but also very convenient solutions. We wanted to achieve the best usable parameters and allow us to create exclusive arrangements. We are very pleased with the result," says Michal Maciejewski, director of the sales and purchasing division of Eko-Okna S.A..

The Exclusive AluLine line consists of three components: a window system with a hidden sash, sliding doors offering maximum glazing, and classic exterior doors in a modern design.

  • Decalu 88 Hidden is a window system with a minimalist design, guaranteeing warm and quiet interiors. Its exciting appearance is achieved with a hidden sash;
  • Cor Vision Plus is an uncompromising sliding system that allows for a glazing area of up to 94%. This impressive design impresses with its light weight and extremely slim profiles;
  • Despiro is a collection of exterior doors available in many variants. It is possible to choose any color and design from a wide range of options. Attention is attracted by the excellent quality of workmanship.
The Exclusive AluLine collection can be treated as an investment. While providing unparalleled comfort, it also saves heat. The form of AluLine is memorable thanks to the abandonment of unnecessary elements in favor of the luxury that comes from minimalist forms," emphasizes Director Maciejewski.

By choosing Exclusive AluLine, the customer is guaranteed to receive products of the highest standard, created with the same values in mind. As a result, he gains a mutually complementary composition.

The ability to purchase all joinery components from a single manufacturer is undoubtedly a major benefit for each customer - saving time and money.

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