5 ideas for the bathroom

10 of August '23

There is never too much space in the bathroom, for that there are always too many things. How to store them so that they are not on top, but at the same time are at hand? The best way is with clever accessories and storage compartments. Here are 5 great ideas for organizing bathroom drawers and cabinets.

The most valuable place in the bathroom is the one near the sink. This is where we prepare to start the day and to finish it. Toiletries must fit here, but also cosmetics, perfumes, hair accessories and sometimes our favorite jewelry, which we take off only for the night. How to arrange and organize all this?

1. Siphon cover

- Cosmetics and small toiletries are best placed in drawers - the most convenient will be those under the sink. Unfortunately, their space is sometimes limited by the siphon. The recipe for this is special covers, which allow you to make maximum use of the space of the drawer located just below the countertop. They protect stored items from falling and getting lost, while making it easier to keep things in order. - explains Joanna Posadzy, Marketing Director of REJS.

REJS siphon covers are designed for drawers with 16 mm board bottoms, with a depth of 27 to 65 cm. So they fit systems of different heights and from different manufacturers. What is important - they can be easily cut to a specific size. They are made of durable yet flexible plastic, which allows you to fit them to a specific drawer.

The covers can be attached in two ways: to the back panel set on the bottom or behind the bottom of the drawer. Thus, the way the back panel is mounted does not matter. They are available in three colors: white, silver and graphite, which makes it easy to match them with the furniture and interior design style.

Osłona do syfonu

Siphon cover


2. Laundry baskets

Unless we have a separate laundry room in the house, we place the washing machine and dryer in the bathroom. This is also where we most often take off our clothes. That's why it's a really good idea to put them where they belong right away - in the dirty linen basket. Baskets are best hidden from the eyes of guests, for example, in one of the bathroom cabinets. Thanks to the fact that different models are available in stores, we can choose one that matches the furniture we already have.

- The REJS offer includes a range of openwork laundry baskets that can be discreetly hidden in cabinets. You can choose from Cargo Mini from the Variant Multi line, mounted to the fronts: pull-out and traditional opening, as well as hinged. The first two can be pulled out of the cabinet body, while the last one can be tilted so as to provide easy access. Made of lacquered wire, the baskets, depending on the model, fit 30, 40, 50 and 60 cm wide cabinets. They are available in white. Another option are larger bins made of plastic, which can also be attached to fronts of various types. These are recommended for cabinets 45 and 50 cm wide - explains Joanna Posadzy.

It's also worth noting the Diament Meblarstwa 2023 award-winning drawers with laundry baskets. This solution includes not one, but two bins for dirty clothes, so they can be immediately segregated into light and dark, or white and colored. Made of light-colored plastic, the baskets and lids are distinguished by their openwork design, which facilitates air circulation. They are mounted in a special rack, which is mounted on sturdy guides and attached to the front of the cabinet. This allows them to be pulled out just like an ordinary drawer. They are designed for cabinets with a width of 60 cm.

Kosz na bieliznę

Laundry basket


3. Cleaning accessories - House Master

The bathroom, especially in apartments and small houses, often serves as not only a laundry room, but also a utility room. In such situations, it is here that we store all the cleaning accessories. And these are usually inconspicuous and difficult to store. Often there are also quite a lot of them. How to accommodate them? The perfect recipe is a dedicated rack for House Master utility cabinets with a load capacity of 20 kg.

Designed for cabinets 40 cm wide with sliding doors or set on standard hinges, House Master can be fully extended from the cabinet. Three shelf-baskets of different widths will allow you to organize large items like buckets or a vacuum cleaner, and small items like detergents, toothbrushes or sponges. Each shelf is lined with a non-slip mat, which protects things from sliding. We can hang smaller products on 3 hooks, and mops - secure in 3 special holders.

Little things, House Master can be individualized. Both the level of attachment of the baskets, as well as the hooks or holders, can be changed and adjusted to suit your needs.

Stelaż gospodarczy

Economy rack


4. and 5. Vacuum cleaner tube hanger and mop and brush holder.

Even if we can't set aside an entire cabinet for a House Master rack, we don't have to give up organizing our cleaning accessories. In general, to make it easier to stay organized, you just need to adjust the cabinets to the things you want to store in them. How? With the right furniture accessories, organization will be both easier and more functional. Vacuum cleaner pipe racks are a good example, which will help avoid tangles and damage to the plastic.

There are two models of racks to choose from, which differ in size and configuration. Made of wire, they have a special holder for the metal pipe, as well as a contoured rack for the flexible pipe. In addition, they are equipped with hooks and openwork shelves for brushes, sponges and other cleaning accessories. The racks can be mounted, for example, inside a tall cabinet or on the inside of its front.

Complementing the tube rack can be smaller holders for mop sticks or a traditional brush - the same ones found in the House Master rack. Easily mounted on the door of a bathroom cabinet, or on a less visible wall, the holders allow the handles to be quickly slid in (and, when necessary, out). Thus, they ensure that the accessories are always in place ready for use.

Stelaż na rurę od odkurzacza

Vacuum cleaner pipe rack


For more information, visit REJS Spółka z o.o.'s PdD website.

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