EkoGreen - Eko-Okna presents stunning Mediterranean-style doors

30 of September '23

Eko-Okna is introducing embossed panels with matching extensions, bottom panels and interior shutters. The number of aesthetic options is vast.

Already at first glance, EkoGreen products stand out from typical doors put on in Poland. Visitors' delight is achieved with stylish interior shutters (Scuretti), which, together with extensions and bottom panels (Sottotraversi), create a captivating EkoGreen effect. All door accessories are optional and can be freely composed, creating unique compositions that are the crowning glory of any arrangement.

Freedom is key here, as Eko-Okna provides customers with a huge number of designs and possible decorations for the doors themselves and their accessories. These include various overlays, veneers and glazing, which can form a single harmonious whole or complement each other in contrast. Embossed doors in this system allow for a very far-reaching configuration. The customer can use inox and woodgrain frames, apply frets and a variety of inserts, including stone and copper. Doors, bottom panels, extensions and shutters are universally compatible with each other, so any combination can be created.

- Do not make the assumption that, since they are products known mainly from the architecture of Mediterranean countries, they are dedicated to hot climates. On the contrary, it is a solution positively distinguished by its thermal parameters — stresses Maciej Zajda, purchasing specialist at Eko-Okna.

W ofercie znajdują się panele tłoczone wraz z wraz z pasującymi do nich dostawkami, panelami dolnymi i okiennicami wewnętrznymi

The range includes pressed panels along with matching extensions, bottom panels and interior shutters

© Eko-Okna

His words are not without merit. By using Hydro Exterior HDF panels with XPS insulation, it was possible to achieve thermal insulation as much as 40% higher than alternatives are able to offer and at the same time reduce weight by 30%.

- The technologies used guarantee high resistance to water, mechanical factors and ultraviolet radiation. This is the result of the use of multilayer PVC-Acrylicfilms . In glazing we use 33.1 safety glass — emphasizes the representative of Eko-Okna.

EkoGreen is a manifestation of householders' conscious concern for nature. This translates especially into the use of only ethically sourced wood, as evidenced by the PEFC certificate, as well asUp to 0.66 W/m2Kfor 44-48 mm thick panels. 48 mm is the maximum panel thickness. For shutters, on the other hand, it is 18 mm.

For more information, visit the company's {tag:Manufacturer} page on the PdD portal.

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