The perfect complement to a piece of furniture. How to choose accessories?

27 of July '23

Interior design is created not only by big things: wall coverings, furniture and floors. Small elements are equally important and essential: lighting, decorations and seemingly trivial functional accessories, such as: hangers and furniture handles. How to choose them to match the character and style of specific rooms? See how a detail can change everything.

Dodatki do mebli są świetnym uzupełnieniem aranżacji

Furniture accessories are a great addition to an arrangement


Even the best designed and made furniture arrangement will prove useless if it lacks functional elements. Imagine a kitchen, a sideboard or a chest of drawers, the fronts of which cannot be opened comfortably. A hallway that does not have a single coat rack. Or a showcase or closet made of beautiful wood, which is disfigured by poorly selected handles maintained in all diffrent styles. A nightmare.

Only in such a situation can you realize the great functional and aesthetic importance of accessories and furniture accessories. Only how to select them for specific interiors and furniture?

- With help comes a really wide range of available solutions, such as REJS brand. - says Joanna Posadzy, Marketing Director of REJS. - By ordering custom-made cabinetry, investors have the opportunity to perfectly match the character of the furniture, as well as their own needs and expectations, including handles, hangers or lighting systems. The freedom of creation of the final effect is much greater than in the case of buying ready-made furniture.

So what do we have to choose from? Plenty! The world of handles is really rich. It includes models screwed to the front of the fronts: two-point handles and knobs, as well as those mounted to the top edge of the fronts: edge and recessed. Large models such as NIRO or VITO and barely visible: AL9 or AL13. Fine and decorative models, e.g. ARTESI, but also minimalistically modest ones: EASY or STILO. All of them are available in many colors (depending on the model, including white, black, chrome, aluminum, brushed steel, brass and copper) which makes it easy to match them to the shades of specific furniture and interior colors.

Not without significance is also the fact that the installation of handles and their possible replacement (for example, when we get bored with them) are very simple. And if we want to make them even easier for ourselves, it is enough to use the ready-made REJS template, thanks to which we can easily make holes exactly where we want and should.

Uchwyt VITO

VITO handle


Not all hangers are the same

And that's not all. We have just as much choice when it comes to hangers. These underrated accessories are even indispensable in hallways, dressing rooms, toilets and bathrooms, as well as any utility rooms. Screw-on models will work in particular, which we can mount exactly where we need most, for example, on the door of the dressing room. As long as we attach them to a stable surface, they will be so sturdy that - unlike stick-on handles - we can hang even wet, and therefore heavy jackets and coats on them without fear.

Details such as hangers can also be a great way to express your personality, interests and taste. Depending on the style of the interior, we can choose from classic models, such as those placed on square rosettes SINGO and ARGO, as well as ORIS on a rectangular rosette. All of them are available in 4 shades: black, silver, brass and copper.

Attention is attracted by finely curved models SORIA M, SORIA L and slightly smaller SORIA S. The last two, associated with delicate Art Nouveau, come in two variants - with one or two hooks. Depending on the model, these hangers are available in black, white, chrome, brushed steel and aluminum. Those looking for minimalist solutions, on the other hand, can reach for WAL hangers, which are distinguished by simplicity of form. Here there are 3 colors to choose from: lacquered white, matte black and natural steel.

Wieszak ARGO

ARGO hanger


Change the front

Another example of how a seemingly small elemtn can completely change the character of a built-in unit are the fronts. They are the first to catch the eye and define the style of furniture in the biggest way. This is especially true in kitchens, where cabinets generally adhere tightly to each other, creating a compact development.

Glass fronts in REJS aluminum frames are a perfect complement to both very elegant interiors and those less staid, such as lofts. Profiles are available in 3 variants differing in width and the way of mounting the glass sheets. R1 are 19 mm high and only 20 wide. They can be joined by special connectors so that they resemble windows with muntins. R4 and R11 are much higher on the inner side: 50 and 45 mm, respectively, which ensures greater stability of the front structure. Profiles and connectors, depending on the model, are available in several colors, including: fashionable matte black, universal white and silver, as well as gold, which is often used in glamour style. They are made to order, to individual size, so they can be used not only in new built-ins, but also to refresh those already in use.

- Changing the fronts is a very good way to renew older built-ins. As long as the carcasses are in good condition or can be easily refurbished, replacing the fronts can be an economical and quick-to-implement solution with spectacular results. - Joanna Posadzy explains.

Similarly, we can bring a breath of freshness to the kitchen with glass alone. Ordered to size at REJS dealers, the panes are a great and quick way to protect the space between upper and lower cabinets. Easy installation (sometimes they can be glued over the existing tiles), makes it easy to change the face of the arrangement will not take much time and will not require a major overhaul. And if you want to highlight them additionally, you can consider installing REJS led profiles and strips. They will allow to illuminate the countertop and workspace, while creating a unique atmosphere.

Zmiana frontów to bardzo dobry sposób na odnowienie zabudowy

Changing the fronts is a very good way to renew the development


For more information, visit the website of REJS Spółka z o.o. on PdD.

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