Spring facade cleaning time to start!

03 of June '22

As time passes, a typical facade finished with a thin-faced structural plaster naturally gets covered with dirt particles and loses its charm. That's why it's worth washing it from time to time , especially after winter, during which a lot of dirt accumulated on it from snow and rain.

Regular care of the facade protects against the formation of hard-to-remove dirt and the development of microorganisms. If the plaster is not cracked, washing the walls is enough. How often we should do this depends on the susceptibility to dirt, which sometimes varies depending on the type of plaster, its absorbability, as well as the conditions in which the facade is used. Buildings located on a busy street or in industrial areas will get dirty faster.

Cleaning the walls is not a complicated procedure, so in the case of low-rise buildings, with a little willingness and time, you can successfully do it yourself.

Przy zwykłych zabrudzeniach wystarczy nanieść środek do czyszczenia elewacji na powierzchnię ścian, odczekać kilka minut i spłukać

For ordinary dirt, it is enough to apply a facade cleaner to the surface of the walls, wait a few minutes and rinse off


How to remove dirt from the facade?

To clean the surface of walls finished with dispersion paint, it is worth using a special product designed for facade cleaning, such as Baumit ReClean, which can handle dirt such as dust, soot or grease and provide the facade with proper care.

The detergent can be applied by hand with a roller, although for larger areas it is common to use pressure washers or other spray equipment, because it is simpler and faster.

Regardless of which detergent you decide to use to wash the facade, it is advisable to perform a test on a small, not very visible part before proceeding. If only to check whether the pressure set in the washer is not too high and will not cause damage to the facade. If the test is successful, we can proceed.

- Before we start doing anything, let's take care of our safety. Put on protective gloves and goggles, and when applying algae and lichen removers a mask will also come in handy," reminds Tomasz Jarzyna, Product Manager at Baumit, and continues: - Remember to start washing the facade from the top. Otherwise, dirt will run down the previously cleaned surface. The façade coated with the cleaner should be left for a few minutes to allow it to start working. In areas of heavy dirt, the product will need to be applied several times and help clean by scrubbing the surface gently with a brush. Finally, simply rinse the cleaner with lukewarm water - under low pressure.

Elewacja zaatakowana przez glony

Algae infested facade


Green efflorescence on the facade

Unfortunately, not all stains can be easily removed - especially if microorganisms are responsible. Greening of the surface is a sign that algae and lichens have taken up residence on the facade, which not only disfigure the walls, but can also pose a threat to their technical condition. So how to get rid of these unwanted "tenants"?

- One of the recommended ways to remove green growths from the surface of the walls is to use a fungus and algae remover, such as Baumit FungoFluid, and then repaint the facade with paint containing modern, safe (because encapsulated) biocides, preventing further attacks by microorganisms in the future, explains Tomasz Jarzyna. - When deciding to clean the facade, it should be remembered that during the application of cleaning agents and drying of the facade, the temperature of the air and substrate should be higher than +5°C, the Baumit expert concludes.

Czyszczenie elewacji z glonów i grzybów

Cleaning facades from algae and fungi


As you take care, so you have! - says the Polish adage, which also applies to the condition and appearance of buildings. If we want to enjoy a beautiful facade for a long time, we should not only apply protective measures, but also periodically clean the facade, because the forces of nature are inexorable. It is worth keeping this in mind and planning such work in advance.




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