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Plaster can do, or contemporary facade plasters and their possibilities

08 of February '22

Baumit offers modern facade plasters.

Invariably for years, plaster has been the most popular way to finish a facade. Modern solutions, however, are nothing like the unattractive topcoats of years ago. Technological progress has meant that architects, investors and contractors now have a whole range of products at their disposal, thanks to which they can sail into the wide waters of "creativity" and achieve the most varied effects on insulation systems.

In the past, the only protection for the masonry was traditional mineral plasters applied in a thick layer, which, like concrete, were prepared by oneself on the construction site. However, they did not provide adequate thermal insulation. With the rise in heating energy prices and environmental awareness, people began to look for ways to improve the energy efficiency of buildings. As a result, insulating exterior walls with Styrofoam or mineral wool to prevent heat escape from the house became the new standard. Today ETICS systems can be found on most buildings, and they are usually finished with ready-to-use thin-layer structural plasters colored in rich colors, which benefit the decorative qualities of the facade. For example, Baumit Life system is nearly a thousand colors of facade plasters! What's more, modern technology makes it possible to create products that allow exterior walls to individually interact not only with color, but also with surface structures.

Lamb or woodworm

Lamb and woodworm are the two most common textures of thin-faced plasters in thermal insulation systems. The former gives the visible effect of a smaller or larger grain evenly distributed on the facade, while the latter allows the effect of grooves. Depending on the composition and properties offered, we can choose from silicone, silicate, silicate-silicone, as well as acrylic and mineral plasters.

Tynk modelowany
znakomicie naśladuje inne materiały wykończeniowe, takie jak np. drewno, beton czy metal

Modeled plaster perfectly imitates other finishing materials, such as wood, concrete or metal


Turn on creativity

It's worth knowing that lambskin and woodworm are not the only options we have to choose from when deciding on a thin-layer render for a facade. Looking for other options, consider amodeled plaster such as Baumit CreativTop, which, depending on the grain size variant and the application technique used, allows you to create any structure on the facade and achieve extraordinary decorative effects. Using it, we can successfully achieve such textures as rolling, troweling, skimming, filling, coarse grain or smoothing, among others. However, this is only the beginning of the possibilities that modeled plaster has to offer. With the help of this versatile solution, we can successfully achieve on the facade , for example, the effect of a wooden plank, clinker brick, architectural concrete, stone or even metal.

Pebble show

Mosaic plaster, also known as pebble plaster or marmolite, is increasingly coming to the fore in architectural projects. Their high resistance to adverse weather conditions and mechanical damage has made them a frequent visitor to such architectural elements as plinths, foundations, pillars, cornices, pilasters and fences. However, it is increasingly common to see entire facades finished with mosaic plaster. This is due to the constantly developing design, accompanied by more and more interesting visual effects. In addition to the classic, well-known patterns, there are also those available, which, thanks to appropriately selected colors and additions in the form of mica flakes, can be an alternative to expensive decorative stone. Thus, for example, Baumit MosaikSuperfine, based on fine quartz sands, can successfully imitate the color and texture of granite, sandstone, basalt, gneiss or travertine, among others, while Baumit MosaikTop mimics the appearance of rock blocks from different parts of the world.

Tynk mozaikowy
z dodatkiem płatków kamiennych sprawia, że elewacja nabiera szlachetnego wyrazu, nawiązującego do efektu naturalnego kamienia

Mosaic plaster with the addition of stone flakes gives the facade a noble expression, referring to the effect of natural stone


Plaster facades can be cool

Importantly, by choosing the right solutions, you can use even the darkest colors on entire facades without worrying about overheating or discoloration. All you have to do is reach for a top coat equipped with cooling technology. Special coolpigments added to the required shades of plasters and facade paints reflect the sun's rays, so the walls remain cool and the insulation is effectively protected from damage.

Modern facade plasters are nothing like those of years ago. Today's solutions are of better quality and offer much greater decorative possibilities. The wide range of available solutions allows us to realize the most creative design visions, and what effect we achieve depends only on our imagination.

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