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ZAP anti-slip protection - quality and effectiveness

07 of December '21

Inadequate slip resistance of the floor carries the risk of serious injury, resulting in prolonged and expensive treatment and high claims for damages. Therefore, it is worth knowing and taking advantage of all available technical and legal measures to guarantee the safety of users of a given surface from the stage of construction project design, through technical acceptance, to the period of use.

Manufaktura –
Łódź. Zadanie: Zabezpieczenie antypoślizgowe. Materiał: granit polerowany. Powierzchnia: 800 m2. Gwarancja: 3 lata

Manufaktura - Lodz. Task: anti-slip protection. Material: polished granite. Area: 800 m2. Warranty: 3 years


Anti-Slip Technique - what do we do?

We are the only manufacturer in Europe of chemical anti-slip protection that does not change the aesthetics of surfaces for ceramics, natural stone and concrete. We provide specialized services in the field of anti-slip protection, thorough cleaning, decalcification and impregnation. We measure slip resistance and issue a Certificate of Compliance andprovide a printout of the dynamic coefficient of friction characteristics of the protected surface. All in accordance with the guidelines of the Institute of Building Technology and the Ministry of Development.

POLIN Muzeum Historii
Żydów Polskich. Zadanie: Zabezpieczenie antypoślizgowe z impregnacją. Materiał: marmur. Przestrzeń: wejście główne. Gwarancja: 3 lata.

POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews. Task: Anti-slip protection with impregnation. Material: marble. Space: main entrance. Warranty: 3 years.


What sets us apart.

ZAP® proprietary technology

We use our own chemical preparations based on proprietary formulas and work according to our own ZAP® technology. It is thanks to unique technological solutions that our services are a symbol of quality, effectiveness and safety in Europe.

The quality and effectiveness of ZAP® anti-slip protection:

  • protects any type of ceramic, stone surfaces,
  • allows you to protect old and new surfaces,
  • is used indoors and outdoors,
  • is safe for the material, does not etch the surface, does not dull the luster,
  • does not leave stains and discoloration,
  • is safe for people and the environment,
  • complies with the safety requirements of German DIN 51097, DIN 51130 and DIN 51131 and Polish standard PN-EN13036-4,
  • guarantees the durability of concrete, the longevity and predictability of the anti-slip effect.

Pendulum Test Value

Pendulum Test Value


Experience and specialization

We have many years of experience. We have already carried out more than 1000 investments at home and abroad! All services in our portfolio are performed by specialists with many years of experience in the industry in accordance with the guidelines of the Institute of Building Technology and the Ministry of Development and Technology. We consider each order individually, taking into account the needs and wishes of clients. We carry out both one-time orders and permanent contracts.

Pendulum Test Value

Pendulum Test Value


Who are our clients?

We provide our services to Investors, architects, property managers and owners. We carry out services in office complexes, public buildings, shopping malls, schools, kindergartens, housing communities and cooperatives, administration buildings, hospitals, clinics, social care homes, sanatoriums, cinemas, theaters, stores, hotels, sports facilities, train stations, airports museums, etc.

Our services are effective, long-lasting and safe. They are the only ones on the market that do not change the aesthetics of the protected surface.

For more information, visit the company's CTS CHEMISTRY Sp. z o.o. page on the PDA portal.

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