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Innovative iX CPP20 floor underlayment for flooring from Lafarge

01 of June '21

iX CPP20 Lafarge cementitious underlayment for underfloor heating.
From the series "Terraces, floors, flooring - trends 2021".

How to properly choose and make a floor in the house? What building products will be the best solution for each room? Why use the innovative product iX CPP20 from the manufacturer Lafarge? Learn about the advantages of this product and important aspects of making floor underlayments.

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Floor subfloor - the most important part of any construction project

Floor subfloor, also called screed, is one of the layers of the floor, which is most often located between the ceiling covered with insulation materials and the floor. It performs one of the most important technical and functional functions in the apartment. A tested product and its proper installation is a guarantee of durability and resistance to loads. The durability of the top cladding and comfort of use will depend on its strength.

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Lafarge's iX CPP20 cement - a revolution in the construction industry.

The leader among manufacturers of building materials is Lafarge, which has been operating on the Polish market for 25 years. The brand emphasizes innovative solutions and high-quality products. One of them is the complete and versatile iX CPP20 primer dedicated to flooring works. By choosing the iX CPP20 product, you protect the interior of your home from heat loss and guarantee a strong, durable and aesthetically pleasing floor.

The secret of its success lies in the main ingredient, technologically modified Portland cement, which guarantees very good working properties. The iX CPP20 product is easy to spread and trowel, does not require the use of a plasticizing chemical admixture, and is ideal for underfloor heating systems.

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Cement underlay vs. underfloor heating

The advantage of underfloor heating is freedom in room design, more space in the apartment (no radiators) and the possibility of installing large windows. That is why it is so popularly used in interiors decorated in a modern, loft or Scandinavian style. In order for the built-in system to work properly, it is necessary to use a cement floor underlay characterized by high strength parameters and high thermal conductivity coefficient.

Lafarge's iX CPP20 product has a high thermal conductivity coefficient and tightly wraps the heating pipes. As a result, the floor heats up faster and more evenly, effectively transferring heat to the room.

This results in greater comfort, as well as reduced heat energy consumption, which means lower bills. iX CPP20 has 40% higher thermal conductivity than ordinary screeds.

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Durable in tough conditions!

The iX CPP20 floor underlayment is resistant to moisture, high temperatures and other harmful external factors. As a result, it can be used both indoors and outdoors, such as on terraces and balconies. What's more, the iX CPP20 product's high strength parameters make it an ideal material for a garage floor underlay, where heavy loads are not difficult.

The innovative iX CPP20 underlayment can be used over any surface covering, including ceramic and porcelain tiles, floor panels, decorative resin or exotic wood cladding. It does not crack and protects the lined layer of tiles or other surface cladding. You can also leave the product without cladding and use the floor raw. After a week, the subfloor will have gained 40% of its strength, and you can already walk on it, which does not delay investment work. In addition, iX CPP20 in its raw state will work well in modern and loft interiors, as it is resistant to mechanical damage and abrasion.

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Why make a floor with iX CPP20 product?

iX CPP20 guarantees:

  • high thermal conductivity (warm and comfortable home and lower bills),
  • high resistance to abrasion,
  • the possibility of using any surface cladding
  • solid and durable flooring,
  • no cracking and splintering of tiles,
  • completion of construction on time.

For more information, visit the company's LAFARGE Polska page on the A&B portal.

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