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Modern JAF composite decking - an alternative to wooden decking

01 of June '21

Safe and durable composite decking.
From the series "Terraces, floors, flooring - trends 2021".

Summer is the period when we spend most of our time outside the house, outdoors, in gardens or backyard terraces, which are an extension of the living room. It is worth ensuring that the terrace is made of durable and aesthetically pleasing material. A terrace is an investment for years! One such material is composite decking. The advantage of terraces made of composite is that the surface of the composite board is deceptively similar to the natural grain of wood, and at the same time it is easy to maintain. JAF, a wholesale distributor of wood and other materials - one of the leaders in the industry - for the 2021 season has prepared several novelties that combine the standard advantages of the aforementioned solution.


Silvadec Elegance - non-slip and non-heating in summer

Silvadec, Europe's oldest and largest manufacturer, is a leader in composite wood production. For more than 20 years it has been perfecting its products, placing special emphasis on technical and durability parameters. It continues to surprise with innovation.

Silvadec Elegance is very high strength and stability, and at the same time anti-slip qualities. These decking boards are solid inside. This means that they do not have any chambers inside, and as a result, there is no water lingering inside them. This translates into even greater resistance to damage and resistance to adverse weather conditions and low temperatures. Interestingly, their composition is more than 2/3 natural wood fiber meal and 1/3 high-density polyethylene. This composition significantly reduces the heating of the decking boards in summer. Theboards are dyed in the mass and are available in as many as 12 combinations of color and finish, says Piotr Lisowski, a terrace expert from JAF Polska.

Silvadec Elegance


Gardin Deco - a board with a 3D structure

WPC planks made with the innovative Co-extrusion technology, which we will recognize by their high-quality layer of polymer materials. On the outside, the boards are decorated with a wood-inspired 3D structure, available in 4 classic variants. It requires no impregnation and is easy to maintain.

How do they differ from the competition?

The coextruded structure means that Gardin Deco boards are coated all around with a polymer along with enhancers. This makes them much more resistant to fading from sunlight and more resistant to stains and dirt. The distinctive round chambers make the boards more durable, yet lighter. The new manufacturing process translates into an even more realistic look than traditional chambered boards. The wood-like surface has high technical parameters as well as aesthetic qualities, explains Piotr Lisowski, an expert at JAF Polska.

Gardin Deco


Gardin Natur ecological plank

Wanting to gain higher resistance of the surface to mechanical damage and scratches, it is worth using Gardin Natur boards. They are distinguished by a three-dimensional grain and color mix. The patented method of pressing forms a harder and at the same time deeper structure. To enhance the effect of wood, which undergoes changes in nature, the same process is mimicked, a mixture of plastic and wood flour. The planks subtly change their hue in the long term, so they resemble authentic wood. The planks are made from WPC. They are safe for human health and environmentally friendly. It is an ecological product with very low emissions of volatile organic compounds.

Gardin Natur


Gardin Plus boards - a solution straight from America and Western Europe

An alternative to wood styled decking - attractively priced and durable. Gardin Plus are modern composite boards in 6 spectacular varieties. Its strengths also include its high resistance to UV rays, rotting, warping, mold and fungus, as well as its highly durable construction. Its strength consists of 6-chamber construction, thick walls and 7 solid supports, over which grooves are placed. As a result, the boards provide sensational geometry and a futuristic look, such as in anthracite color. This is a proven solution on the markets of America and Western Europe, which we will now order in Poland.

Gardin Plus


Tools for analysis, visualization and installation

The Terrace and Facade Visualizer is a useful tool available online, thanks to which it is possible to compare different terrace boards for free, or to change the color of the facade, to see how a particular pattern will look on a large plane.

The Terrace Wizard will guide you step by step through the details of your order. It calculates the optimal layout so that as little waste as possible is left from the boards after cutting. The Wizard will adjust the right system, count the spacing of the joists, and even generate personalized installation instructions. All you have to do is log in to the JAF Poland website!

Terrace and Elevation Visualizer


Wood is our passion

When looking for construction materials for public use projects, architects increasingly appreciate durable and safe materials. Various studies show that the use of wood in buildings has clear psychological and health benefits. It lowers stress levels and increases creativity and even positive social interaction. It is an environmentally friendly raw material and from renewable sources.

Lunawood Thermowood boards are manufactured completely without any chemicals. They are created from the highest quality wood from Scandinavian countries. It is a wood material that has survived decades of harsh growing conditions, so it will still survive from generation to generation. The charm of naturally patinated wood means that a wooden facade (or terrace) requires no additional care. Choose from deep, warm-colored Thermosna and coffee-colored Thermojesion. Beautiful and durable," says Darina Lazarova of JAF Poland.

For more information, visit the company's JAF Polska Sp. z o.o. page on the A&B portal.

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