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Microtopped flooring. Italian-style interior

27 of May '20

Concrete surfaces with microtopping technology
Inspirations from the series "Floors, terraces - trends 2020".

MICROTOPPING is a two-component cement-polymer coating that allows for perfect continuous surfaces. It is ideal for those who prefer continuous surfaces. It gives a huge scope for those who want to renovate their house or utility rooms, and is a very good solution for newly designed interiors.

This unique material is able to make unique changes in any room and exterior. Whether it is a minimalist or classic space, microtopping stands out as a hero or complements and enhances the style.

microtopping -

Microtopping - the floor,

Czepil Radca Prawny Ewelina Czepil Law Firm, 30 Redycka St., 11, 51-169 Wrocław


With us you will order professional and unique execution of any surface in microtopping technology:

  • facades of buildings, insulation and insulation in the light-wet system
  • floors in private and public/industrial spaces
  • walls, ceilings, terraces
  • pitched and flat roofs
  • imitations of materials including stone, concrete, wood
  • interior and exterior staircases
  • interior furnishings including countertops, sinks, tables
  • garden furnishings including paths, fountains
  • swimming pools

Execution of orders throughout the country.

Microtopping - podłoga Microtopping - podłoga

Microtopping - floors


Application advantages:

  • can be laid on existing floors
  • high resistance to abrasion, chipping, cracking and scratching
  • free choice of colors and structure
  • can be laid on underfloor heating
  • resistant to UV radiation
  • European sanitary certificates
  • does not absorb moisture
  • quick and precise laying

For more information, visit PODŁOGITWOICHMARZEŃ.PL on the A&B portal.

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