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Lightweight, durable flooring with PRESTO system

01 of June '22

An innovative solution from TIM-EX.
From the series "Floors, floors, terraces - trends 2022".

Are you renovating your house or adapting your attic? Are you looking for innovative solutions to strengthen old ceilings? Instead of preparing the subfloor for a new floor, why not use the innovative PRESTO solutions offered by TIM-EX, which will give you a strong, light and quiet floor.

To make a floor on an old ceiling, the most common materials used are particleboard, OSB or so-called dry screed, gypsum-fiber board, fiberglass-reinforced gypsum board or cellulose-cement board. These materials allow to level the substrate for the floor, or strengthen the ceiling structure. In addition, they provide thermal and acoustic insulation and ensure fire protection.

PRESTO system of composite panels
Knauf gypsum-fiber composite panels

Presto system is a product that will allow you to make a ceiling with excellent mechanical and acoustic parameters in a short time and at an attractive price.

It consists of high-strength composite gypsum boards (bearing capacity of at least 200 kg/m²). They are characterized not only by high resistance to mechanical damage, but also: high stiffness of the panels, total non-flammability (class A1 according to PN-EN 13501-1) and very good acoustic insulation RW at 71.9 dB.

The boards are laid on the ceiling joists: wooden, steel or prefabricated with spacing of up to 1200 mm. Four-sided tongue-and-groove profiled panels, are available in 1200×600 mm and thicknesses: 25 and 32 mm, as well as 18 mm (the latter for a two-layer system).

przygotowane podłoże do ułożenia płyt PRESTO

Prepared substrate for laying PRESTO panels


The system also includes such elements as: glue for joining the boards, acoustic felt tape (it is glued to the support beams), shims (1 to 5 mm thick) forleveling the floor, a mineral wool perimeter gasket for insulation against the walls, an optional disc/blade for cutting the boards, and glue for the two-layer system.

Quick and easy installation

The small size of the gypsum-fiber boards makes them easy to handle and lay. By cutting them with the appropriate tools, they can be easily adjusted to the dimensions and shapes of the room. Conducting further work is possible after 24 hours after laying the boards. The floor can be finished with standard materials, such as carpet, PVC, linoleum, parquet, ceramic tiles or natural stone.

częściowo ułożone płyty

partially laid boards - the photo shows excess glue on the joints of the boards (this is correct), which after drying is removed with a knife


The system will prove useful indoors, among other things: in the renovation of floors of old houses, in the adaptation of attics, for the rapid construction of floors in new buildings, on mezzanines, in frame construction, as well as in the so-called damp rooms.

The solution is environmentally friendly - it is EC plus and A+ certified.

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