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Security is not a luxury

01 of June '21

Floors safe for users.
From the series "Terraces, floors, flooring - trends 2021."

Floors should not only be beautiful and functional, but above all safe for users. That is why the slip resistance of the materials used is so important. Who should care about slip resistance of floors and why?

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Architects, designers, building inspectors, investors, managers, administrators of public facilities or residential buildings, want to make sure that their floors are safe and in compliance with applicable laws, guidelines and guides.

Lack of certified anti-slip protection:

  • jeopardizes the safety of floor users,
  • exposes investors to losses from compensation claims by injured parties.
  • exposes designers and inspectors to legal liability consequences against dissatisfied investors,
  • leads to serious and costly disputes between the investor, designer and contractor, e.g. under warranty or guarantee.

Deutsche Bank - Metropolitan 2
Task: anti-slip protection
Material: ceramic tiles
Space: Customer service room
Warranty: 3 years

© Anti-Slip Technology

From what legal acts does it follow that the flooring must be safe for the property user?

  • The Construction Law (Article 5 point 1 sub-point 1 letter d.).
    "The obligation to ensure, among other things, the safety of use and accessibility of facilities."
  • Construction Law (Article 62(1))
    "The obligation of the owner or manager to subject the facilities to periodic inspection at least once every 5 years."
  • Real Estate Management Law (Article 184b)
    "Obligation to ensure safe use and proper operation of real estate."

What consequences must be faced in case of negligence and failure to ensure the safety of property users?

Article 91a.4) of the PB Act: Whoever fails to comply, as specified in Article 61, with the obligation to maintain a building object in a proper technical condition, uses the object in a manner inconsistent with the regulations, or fails to ensure the safety of use of the building object, shall be subject to a fine of not less than 100 daily rates, a penalty of restriction of liberty or imprisonment of up to one year.

Previously, with the above consequences in mind, the investor, together with the architect, already at the design stage, had to decide on the installation of a beautiful or non-slip floor. Fortunately, those times are irrevocably gone. Safety no longer has to be the result of an unpleasant compromise.

For more information on regulations: here

Widzew Stadium - Lodz
Task: Anti-slip protection
Material: polished concrete
Space: Stairs on the crown of the stadium
Warranty: 3 years

© Anti-Slip Technique

Anti-Slip Technique offers professional anti-slip protection and a service for measuring the coefficient of friction and PTF

Any surface made of glazed and polished ceramic tiles, clinker, porcelain stoneware, terracotta and even granite and gneiss can be effectively anti-slip protected.

ZAP® proprietary patented technology

We provide professional services to protect slippery surfaces based on our own patented ZAP® technology, and we are the only Polish company to use our own chemical preparations based on proprietary formulas. Inorganic surface activators and polymers contained in the formulations, as a result of a chemical reaction, producę permanent microstructures causing an increase in the coefficient of dynamic friction.

After the service, the protected surface meets the safety requirements of German standards DIN 51097, DIN 51130 and DIN 51131 and Polish standard PN-EN13036-4. As part of the order, we carry out professional measurements of anti-slip and issue a Certificate of Conformity of the conducted test and attach a printout of the characteristics of the dynamic coefficient of friction of the protected surface.

It is thanks to unique technological solutions that our services are effective and safe for both new and old substrates, before or after installation. We achieve a long-lasting, predictable anti-slip effect indoors and outdoors.

Manufaktura - Lodz
Task: Anti-slip protection
Material: polished granite
Surface: 800 m
Warranty: 3 years

© Anti-Slip Technology

Experience and specialization

All services in our portfolio are performed by specialists with many years of experience in the industry in accordance with the guidelines of the Institute of Building Technology and the Ministry of Development. We consider each order individually, taking into account the needs and wishes of our clients. We carry out both one-time orders and permanent contracts.

More information: here

What should those responsible for the safety of floors keep in mind?

If you are responsible for public space, you are also responsible for painful falls, slips, injuries resulting as a result of them. Avoid high compensation claims and ensure the safety of users. Check out what to keep in mind:

1) Each tile, over time and with the intensity of use, loses its factory anti-slip properties.
2.The anti-slip class declared by the manufacturer does not constitute a certificate or attestation.
3.Anti-slip performance of a given floor in real conditions depends on, among other things:- the type of material used, e.g. glazed porcelain stoneware, polished granite, marble, etc,

  • the type of sole e.g. PU, TR, EVA, styrogum, tuniscus, natural leather,
  • type of lube, e.g. water, mud, juices, oil, ketchup, mustard, soups, sauces,
  • pressure force, i.e. our weight.

4. non-slip tile with high dry grade, can be slippery and dangerous for users when the surface is wet.
5. tile with good anti-slip properties for the shod foot may be dangerous for the barefoot when the surface is wet.

POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews in Warsaw
Task: Anti-slip protection with impregnation
Material: marble
Space: main entrance
Warranty: 3 years

© Anti-Slip Technology

If you have doubts about safety, don't take any chances - have your dynamic friction coefficient and PTV professionally measured.

The slip resistance of a floor, as a result of operational and environmental factors, can change significantly during use. Therefore, a periodic audit of this property is recommended. The frequency of such an audit should depend on the method and intensity of use of the floor. It should be the task of the administrator or facility manager to develop a plan in this regard. The audit should be carried out as part of periodic inspections of construction facilities carried out once every five years, and according to the Ministry of Development not less than once every three years.

Anti-Slip Technique will measure the slip resistance of your surface according to the guidelines of the Institute of Building Technology. Then you will receive from us a Certificate of Conformity of the conducted test.

Our team has the necessary experience, and the company is well established in the market. We have the appropriate measuring equipment to guarantee a reliable measurement, in accordance with the applicable standards.

For more information, visit the company's Technika Antypoślizgowa page on the A&B portal.

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