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Timelessly beautiful and durable synthetic resin floors

28 of October '19

We are a manufacturer and distributor of high quality synthetic resin flooring materials. We have 25 years of experience in the Polish market. Our floors combine very good performance with decorative qualities and virtually unlimited design possibilities.

Our offer includes, among others, the following flooring systems:


polyurethane-quartz floors designed to protect concrete slabs of single- and multi-level, underground and above-ground parking lots. They are characterized by high mechanical strength - including abrasion, pressure or impact resistance, as well as non-absorption and high chemical resistance to substances contained in fuels, vehicle operating fluids and de-icing salts. Among other things, they are available in bright colors that reflect light and thus optically brighten and enlarge parking interiors.


Resin terazzo made from colored epoxy resin and aggregate: e.g. marble, granite, flint, with the possibility of adding glass crumbs and mirrors. It allows to achieve any final effect - including making almost any kind of pattern on the floor.

Peran STB

Trowelled floors made on the basis of epoxy resins and colored quartz sand. They are characterized by very high mechanical strength and industrial aesthetics. The content of colored sand allows to obtain any color scheme of the floor.

Peran PGF

Floors made on the basis of epoxy resins with the addition of colored flakes. They are characterized by high abrasion resistance and wide possibilities of achieving interesting decorative effects thanks to combinations of colors and sizes of flakes.


Stone carpet type floors, made of clear epoxy resin and specially graded marble, granite or quartz pebbles. The combination of synthetic resins and natural aggregate produces a non-absorbent floor with high mechanical strength and chemical resistance, with a slightly non-slip surface. Rustik stone carpets bring natural beauty and an original look to office and commercial interiors.

Peran SL

Self-poured, pigmented epoxy floors with a smooth finish, glossy or matte. They are characterized by high mechanical resistance and wide color possibilities.

We invite architects and designers of commercial and industrial buildings to cooperate with us. We provide comprehensive advice on the selection of a flooring solution for a specific project, including material specifications, preparation of samples or mockups, and training in the application of resin floors.

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