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Modern kitchen countertops - beauty encapsulated in laminate

27 of October '19

When designing and arranging interiors, architects are increasingly turning to compact HPL laminates. This modern and graceful material captivates with its beauty and properties. A good example is ColorCore® Compact from Formica Group. It is a durable, strong laminate that is an excellent alternative to natural stone and composites. At the same time, it is much more affordable, easier to install, and extremely visually appealing.


ColorCore® Compact laminate can be used for both vertical applications (such as wall panels) and horizontal applications. However, it reveals its true claw when it is used in the design of a modern kitchen, and in particular - in the design of the now so fashionable thin countertops. It is the kitchen countertop that is the surface that catches the eye and at the same time is one of the most intensively used surfaces in the house. That's why it's so important that it not only performs aesthetic functions, but, above all, allows for hygienic food preparation (hygienically certified) and is easy to maintain - and these are the characteristics of HPL laminates.


ColorCore® Compact is available in 20 decors and 4 surface types. Its distinguishing feature is a color-matched, water-resistant core available in three colors: white, gray and black. This makes it possible to engrave and mill directly into the material, while maintaining all the properties of the laminate. Unlike other materials, it does not need to be impregnated or treated with special preservatives.

Affordable price and easy processing

Compact laminate can be cut, machined and assembled on site with standard carpentry tools. It's worth noting that ColorCore® Compact sheets in 3600×900 and 3600×650 mm sizes already come with pre-machined edges. This is a great convenience and saves time - practically immediately you get a ready-to-install, aesthetically finished countertop. The material itself is also very attractively priced.

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