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Custom design solutions for fine concrete products

28 of October '19

We have been one of the leading manufacturers of fine concrete products for more than 30 years. We have the largest and most innovative production line in Europe for stair cladding and large-size slabs.

We carry out custom orders for commercial and private investments in the Polish and foreign markets. Thanks to the implementation of innovative concrete finishing technologies, PROBET-DASAG offers products of the highest quality, meeting the expectations of the most demanding customers in terms of design and functionality. Our product catalog includes, among others, exterior paving, stairs, interior floors, facades, small architecture and tactile signage systems for the blind and visually impaired.

Above-average durability

Vertical traffic routes in public spaces, due to increased traffic and use, require materials with above-average durability. Stairs manufactured by PROBET-DASAG are characterized by high resistance to mechanical damage and abrasion. In addition, fine concrete products are characterized by anti-slip properties. A supporting module to increase the safety of users are the so-called anti-slip inserts incorporated at the edge of the steps.
Advanced manufacturing technology, excellent parameters and rich design of our products, allow architects to freely create spaces.


  • variety of sizes and shapes,
  • variety of surface finish options,
  • possibility of using contrasting protective and anti-slip inserts,
  • easy and quick installation of finished elements on site,
  • the possibility of correcting errors in the execution of the raw state of the staircase,
  • possibility to use cladding or steps and staircase pedestals in the color of the floor.

Get inspired!

PROBET-DASAG carries out orders for the most prestigious investments in Poland and Germany.


  • District Court in Siedlce
  • International Congress Center in Katowice
  • Railroad station in Solec Kujawski
  • Solski Center
  • Bikini Berlin Shopping Center
  • Underpass in Leipzig
  • Railroad station in Wroclaw.

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