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Not all concrete in the city is concretosis

02 of March '23

Top manufacturers of concrete products offer a wide range of solutions that perfectly fit the current needs of sustainable construction. Many projects require a paved surface; when looking for solutions, consider proven products.

Slabs with increased SRI

One of DASAG's products are slabs made of noble concrete (terrazzo), which, in addition to providing high durability and resistance, reduce the formation of urban heat islands. And how? Products from the Indigo Prato (designs 7430, 7431) and Promenada Prato (design 7431) series have a high SRI (Solar Reflect Index) and low absorption of thermal radiation. This means that their use reduces the heating of the pavement, thereby not contributing to the formation of urban heat islands.

A good example is the Historic Promenade in Swinoujscie, made of almost 14,000 square meters of SRI-enhanced panels. Also, the building of the Maritime Science Center in Szczecin can boast of its care for the environment - its terraces located on the roof were lined with slabs from the Indigo Prato series (pattern 7431), which, in addition to increasing the comfort of the pavement available to visitors, had a positive effect on the temperature inside the building.

Small architecture good for nature

One example of the use of fine concrete is small architecture objects, which allow the formation of interesting green areas, for example, city parks, plant corners, fountains. Such spaces can be created, among other things, through the use of flower pots, benches, walls, palisades or unusual elements made according to individual designs. An example is the Poznan office building Za Bramką, where in addition to concrete angular stairs and paving slabs, the designers introduced small architecture by DASAG, creating concrete benches, gazebos and large island-like pots with lush plantings. The project became an urban oasis of vegetation. An interesting realization involving noble concrete products to cooperate with nature is the reconstructed Pięciu Rogów Square in Warsaw, designed by WXCA. The project required the development of products in original and unusual forms, so that they could simultaneously fit into the historic landscape of the city and the needs of the residents. Solutions were sought, allowing planting of trees, which were absent in this part of the city, large-format slabs of 2×2 m were used, with specially designed and manufactured holes, allowing rainwater to flow freely into the ground.

biurowiec Za Bramką, Poznań

Za Bramką office building, Poznań

© Dasag

Aesthetics, comfort and safety

It is worth mentioning the advantages of terrazzo products, which are: increased safety in urban space for its users through the use of panels that are elements of warning systems for the blind and visually impaired, and increased anti-slip (slip classes from R9 to R11). Thanks to the combination of the durability of fine concrete, functionality and unique style tailored to the needs of the project, the products offered by DASAG perfectly meet the expectations of users, designers and investors.

Galeria Warmińska, Olsztyn

Warmińska Gallery, Olsztyn

© Dasag

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