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STAR line - Innovative fatheads

29 of October '19

Stargres cares about the innovation of its products. It was the first factory in Poland to introduce a tile with a thickness of 2 cm. After the success of the Star 2.0 line, Stargres is again raising the bar by introducing another innovative product this year. This time, as the second factory in the world, it has started producing 3 cm thick stoneware tiles - Star 3.0.

This modern, rectified product is an ideal solution for both public and private spaces. The 3 cm thick tiles can be used not only for pathways, pool edges, gardens or beaches, but also for driveways and high traffic areas. Due to their greater durability, these tiles are an excellent solution for public places: they will prove useful, for example, in garages, car dealerships, driveways and parking lots.

Their great advantage is that they are easy to lay, can be quickly replaced or removed. These tiles have properties that allow them to be laid traditionally, on a special frame and directly on the ground. Such a solution to the problem of installation provides many new design possibilities.

In addition, they are frostproof, non-flammable, do not succumb to the passage of time. They have high resistance to destructive loads and changing climatic conditions (i.e., temperature jumps), strong sunlight, and resistance to moss, mold and chemicals. They are easy to care for, and thanks to their stain resistance, any dirt, even from wine or grease, can be removed with ordinary water and a brush. Thanks to their high anti-slip properties, they are safe to use.

In addition to practical and technical advantages, Star 3.0 tiles are a product inspired by nature and modern design. All products in the Star 3.0 line reproduce the characteristic features of natural stones, wood or the rawness of concrete, so they perfectly harmonize with them.

In summary, Star 3.0 stoneware combines the nobility of natural stone, the modernity of concrete and the practicality and versatility of stoneware tiles. With it, you can delight in the beauty of garden architecture created from natural stones, while enjoying the resilience of stoneware and ease of maintenance.

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