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Probet-Dasag - The new face of Warsaw

01 of March '22

Warsaw is one of the fastest growing European agglomerations. The Polish capital is expanding not only in terms of modernist skyscrapers or modern residential districts, but also through the renovation of established segments of the city. "Outgoing" paving slabs, dilapidated squares and traffic routes have been replaced with new, aesthetically pleasing and ergonomic spaces. The metamorphoses introduced in the capital could have occurred thanks to, among other things, the considerable role of the Probet-Dasag brand. Products of the Żagań-based company can be found in the new subway stations in Wola, at 5 Rogów Square, at the Dmowskiego Roundabout, Jana Pawła II Avenue, as well as in the vicinity of new office complexes.

Warsaw is a city of diverse architecture, founded at the turn of the 13th and 14th centuries. The face of the capital changed over the centuries together with the prevailing styles in art. Unfortunately, during World War II most of the Old Town was destroyed (about 90%), fortunately, the surviving and restored buildings still delight today. Renovated, majestic tenements, maintained in the Art Nouveau style, interestingly correspond with the edifices of the socialist period, modernist skyscrapers, as well as new housing estates, created over the last three decades.
Warsaw's architecture is quite a challenge for designers and urban planners involved in redeveloping the city, who must keep in mind not only its aesthetics, but also its functionality. Combining the historic spirit with the growing demand for innovative, practical and reliably executed public spaces is not easy to achieve. Difficult does not mean impossible. Dasag company from Zagan - often chosen and recommended by well-known design studios dealing with urban investments - has managed the task. The paving and pouring slabs produced by Dasag are a combination of the durability of noble concrete and a substantial style tailored to the specific locations of Warsaw. Dasag products complement underground subway stations, historic squares, as well as glass and steel office buildings, created in line with the spirit of the times.

Kamień Probet-Dasag

Probet-Dasag stone


Modern terrazzo has renewed Jana Pawła II Avenue.

The renovation of sidewalks on both sides of Jana Pawla II Avenue in Warsaw was a long-awaited investment by residents. The sidewalk slabs were completely replaced with new ones. The refreshed pavement was created with modern terrazzo from Dasag and equipped with facilities for the elderly and disabled. Approximately 10,000square meters of sandblasted 50 × 50 cm granite-basalt slabs with a special 7449 pattern, created specifically for this project, were used for the sidewalk. Sandblasting during the surface refinement process resulted in a high level of anti-slip properties - so the concrete slabs provide excellent grip. The materials were further strengthened during the production process by impregnation.

Metro, Warszawa

Metro, Warsaw


Metro in Wola and nomination for the Mies van der Rohe Award

The metro stations in the Wola district (Plocka, Mlynow and Ksiazcia Janusza), which have been in operation for two years, and which have been created using, among other things, Dasag products, have been nominated for the prestigious European Union Mies van der Rohe Award. For this arrangement, Dasag designed the stair facings placed at the entrances and exits to the subway, as well as the comprehensive finishing of the floors on the entire surface of the platforms, mezzanines and entrances to all three stations. In addition, the company fitted tactile warning signage systems for the blind and visually impaired (sized to fit the dimensions of the floor slabs) into the surface design. The company's products had to blend perfectly into the vision of three unique facilities, connected by the same geometric patterns. Visually, each station refers, through color and architectural symbolism, to the history and character of the site.

Skyliner, Warszawa

Skyliner, Warsaw


Thousands of cut stones decorated the 5 Corners Square in Warsaw.

Dasag products, which were placed in the 5 Corners Square, which is currently under reconstruction, had to meet the guidelines both visually (so as to blend in with the historic urban scenery) and practically - to serve the residents for a long time. The 50 × 50 × 8 cm wformat concrete slabs supplied by Dasag cover about 1,600 square meters, 160 running meters of the slabs are elements of warning systems (for the blind and visually impaired), and 1,500 square meters are large-format slabs measuring about 2 × 2 meters. The design of the project called for the development of products in original and unusual forms, so that they could fit perfectly into the historic landscape of the city. Several thousand cut stones were hand-laid on the basis of a detailed matrix designed by the project's authors to result in unique paving slabs. The unique dimension of the entire project meant that many of the products had to be made in the custom products hall rather than on a standard production line.

Rondo Dmowskiego, Warszawa Rondo Dmowskiego, Warszawa

Dmowskiego Roundabout, Warsaw


Dmowskiego Roundabout, Skyliner and Lixa

Dasag concrete slabs add variety to many more of Warsaw's landmark locations. The Dmowskiego Roundabout, which is currently being rebuilt, will soon be adorned with paving slabs from the Promenada Prato series covering an area of 8670 square meters. The redevelopment of the National Stadium features durable sandblasted stair cladding, as well as interior floor tiles from Dasag's Indigo Bello collection. We can also see the company's products, such as facade tiles, flooring and tactile signage systems, at the renovated East Railway Station. Recently, Dasag has also been providing the solutions needed to finish the surroundings of modern office buildings. Precious concrete has been used in the Skyliner office complex and will be used to finish the new Lixa floors under construction in Warsaw's Wola district.

Skyliner, Warszawa Skyliner, Warszawa

Skyliner, Warsaw


High quality in stone

Long experience, an extensively developed machine park, professionally made products, confirmed by hundreds of completed projects in busy European metropolises - all this proves that Probet-Dasag is a trusted partner in the development of flagship urban investments. Cooperation with Dasag is valued by architects and investors alike, as the brand is not afraid to implement bold and innovative projects. Quality, creativity, perfect adaptation to the current market trends and to the individual guidelines of each investment, allow the implementation of projects that take advantage of the history of the place.

For more information, visit the company 'sPROBET-DASAG Sp. z o.o. page on theAiB portal.

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