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New collection of Formica® laminates - life should be colorful

28 of July '21

Practical and durable surfaces.
From the series "Fashionable furniture, flexible lighting - trends 2021"

Formica Group is excited to unveil a sophisticated and inspiring new laminate collection, with the introduction of fifteen new single-color decors, thirty-four woodgrain decors and eight new Plus Colors shades.

First and original: Formica Group developed high-pressure laminates back in 1913. By definition, our iconic and pioneering Formica® brand is the quintessential laminate.

Inspired by life: Laminates have entered our daily lives and made dreams of modernity achievable and accessible, creating brighter and more practical spaces. It is the demand for multifunctional, practical and durable design surfaces that inspires our Formica® collections - for rest, for recreation, for work.

They change with the times: Lifestyles of living, working and playing are constantly changing. Formica Group keeps pace with these changes through constant innovation, reflecting global trends and responding to ever-evolving needs and habits.

The new Formica® laminate collection also meets the ever-changing demands for beautiful, yet multifunctional, practical and durable surfaces. With the introduction of fashionable colors and decors accented with a wood-like texture, it balances aesthetics with finishing requirements to create beautiful and durable surfaces.

According to Nina Bailey, design manager at Formica Group,

the new collection alludes to a sense of organic finesse. Both the new colors and woods reflect current trends and tendencies for natural and practical interiors, combined with a move toward craftsmanship and design.

single-color decors

New solid shades: greens, reds and a series of night colors reflect a practical approach to design.


single-color decors

© Formica Group

The new green palette is a continuation of biophilic design trends and the theme of bringing the outside world into rooms. The collection includes natural, earthy green colors in sophisticated, calming shades.

The brand has also introduced terra cotta and earthy shades of red, well suited to fashionable, natural-looking materials that combine man-made products with an authentic look.

The newly developed red palettes consist of a selection of terracotta shades, including Earthwenware, Adobe and Brick, as well as the pink shade Blush and Henna, a deep, natural red.

The Night color series includes three new deep and luxurious "almost black" colors. Night Shade is a dark, almost black red, Night Forest is a very dark green, and Night Sea shade is a dark blue.

dekory single-colordekory single-colordekory single-color

single-color decors

© Formica Group

The new palette of solid colors is complemented by Brite White - a cool white.

woodgrain decors

Drawing inspiration from Japanese and Scandinavian woodgrain decors, the theme of the new laminates is a contrast of bright colors and moody dark tones.

dekory woodgraindekory woodgraindekory woodgrain

woodgrain decors

© Formica Group

Nina believes that

The wood additions in the collection connect us to our immediate surroundings, with a particular focus on local European species such as oak, ash, walnut and elm. As we learn to appreciate our living environment, we also want to bring its natural beauty into our interiors. The shift toward gray and desaturated wood tones, in both warm and cool tones, adds variety and balance among tones and colors to our woodgrain laminate palette.

The most important wood accent is Ventura oak with its stylish wood grain in a cool, neutral, almost bluish gray shade.

The Cedar series, on the other hand, is a contemporary version of the softwood-look laminate, consisting of three colors: blonde, milky mocha and a darker, almost black.

Tromso maple is a Scandinavian-inspired, naturally light species with low contrast, maintaining the grain of typical knots. Three ash decors - light, aged and dark - achieve a Scandinavian elegance effect thanks to their timeless texture, while the new minimalist elm decors are perfect for fresh, modern interiors. Sund Elm is a pale, neutral color, while Fjord Elm is a milky white shade that will go well with pastels or elegant grays.

The white-painted, lightly aged wood reflects the look of painted pine, with a grayish-white color and elements in a light sandy shade. Trendy beige, gray and gray-brown expand the muted gray palette, introducing Belvedere Beech, Flute Oak, Nevada Oak and Bleached Legno.

Four elegant walnuts - Formal Walnut, Refined Walnut, Peruca Walnut and Cetina Walnut - bring a touch of warmth to the collection, from white to a fully saturated dark brown.

Popular oak is still a wood classic, and the four, available laminates will satisfy even the most refined tastes. There is a diverse assortment to choose from - from straight grain to planks, elegant patterns and slightly rustic with sawn effects and knots.

Birchply is a response to the popularity of woodgrain decors on an architectural scale. Birchply, a commonly used building material, has a familiar look, and the rotary-cut veneer and color series in the new collection create a unique pattern in high-pressure laminate.

Weathered Beamwood and Oxidized Beamwood are beautifully grained woods for use in large-scale projects. Soft brown wood tones are combined with a grayish patina in them.

Planked Elm and Seasoned Planked Elm use recycled planks that are painted and hand-sanded. They created TrueScale decors, with no repeating pattern across the width of the laminate sheet with the planks running vertically.

dekory woodgraindekory woodgraindekory woodgrain

woodgrain decors

© Formica Group

Plus Color

Plus Color is a creative palette suitable for mixing and matching in interior design, with a carefully selected range of colors and exclusive textures for elegant, muted or colorful spaces.

Nina describes the line as

the best toolkit for using laminate in interior design, providing the opportunity to experiment with color and texture in many ways. The range taps into many major trends, such as tone palettes and tactile sensory design approaches. The inclusion of our new key colors in the Plus Color series offers a sophisticated effect and a choice of basic shades - ideal for many applications and sectors.

Plus ColorPlus ColorPlus Color

Plus Color

© Formica Group

We have added eight fashionable, sophisticated and subdued colors to the Plus Color range, giving the collection a luxurious and exclusive feel. All of the twenty-five colors in the range are available in four texture options: AR Plus®, a high-gloss finish that resists abrasion; MicroDot, with regular, small dot indentations; Plex, with a dense texture that gives a silky sheen; and Satin NDF, giving a slightly matte but smooth effect.

The new Formica laminate collection is our complete line of products. It will help you with your next project, where you can use thin HPL laminates, compact laminates, as well as sheets in different sizes, designed to provide greater design flexibility and performance.

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