Everything for the bathroom - furniture, fixtures and ceramics of the highest quality

29 of July '21

OLTENS is a thriving Polish brand, which was established in response to the ever-increasing demands of customers looking for comprehensive solutions to furnish their dream bathroom.

The manufacturer offers furniture as well as fixtures and ceramics of the highest quality, and at the core of the brand's philosophy is the desire to provide premium products at a price the statistical buyer can afford.

Wszystko do łazienki - meble,
armatura i ceramika najwyższej jakości © OLTENS

Everything for the bathroom - furniture, fixtures and ceramics of the highest quality


Collections that inspire

Each of the three collections available in the OLTENS brand's portfolio features products that are characterized by thoughtful design and a minimalist but original form. The brand believes that sensible patents and aesthetically pleasing finishes are necessary to create the perfect bathroom. A fresh look at simple solutions is definitely the key to success, as customers are provided with ready-made concepts that make it easy to create a modern and functional bathroom.

Thanks to the matching elements, designing a bathroom with OLTENS is a pleasure. The customer doesn't waste time considering whether a piece of equipment fits with another, but is assured that everything will work together perfectly within a single product line.

Technologies created for superior comfort and hygiene

Thanks to the use of innovative technologies and modern production systems, you can be sure that the bathroom in which OLTENS products will be placed will not only be functional and practical, but also economical and ecological. All this is because the company takes a responsible approach to the issue of caring for the environment, and therefore has equipped its products with solutions that reduce water and energy consumption.

pure bathroom ©

pure bathroom


The manufacturer strongly focuses on the practical aspect of the use of its products and takes into account what its potential customers face on a daily basis when using their bathrooms. In fact, OLTENS ceramics have been coated with SmartClean, which makes them easy to clean and prevents dirt buildup, while all faucets are equipped with the PureEco water flow control system, which saves a great deal of water on an annual basis.

All showerheads and rainshowers feature silicone tabs to efficiently remove limescale buildup, providing the so-called PureFlow effect. In addition, the chrome surfaces of OLTENS fixtures have a Double-Chrome coating, which protects them from tarnishing and dirt, while all toilet bowls and bidets in the OLTENS range have special grilles, or BlindSystem, which makes their installation aesthetically pleasing, fast and hassle-free.

The impressive number of customer amenities with which the OLTENS brand has equipped its products is impressive. All this to make the bathroom not only tasteful and modern, but also hygienic and easy to clean.

For more information, visit the company's OLTENS page on the A&B portal.

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