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Luxury concrete coatings from Floorsky

12 of December '20

Interiors with concrete design in the style of Floorsky

Show me your house or apartment and I'll tell you who you are... Such a dream interior - in an unconventional style - matching the personality and individual tastes of its owner can be created by Floorsky - a flooring manufactory.

In its original solutions Floorsky, applies innovative technology to create luxurious and at the same time unique surfaces in residential, corporate and public facilities. The secret lies in multilayer, cement-resin-based micro-cement coatings, which do not crack even under extreme conditions of use. What's more, Floorsky uses only natural mineral materials that are free of harmful substances, making them safe for people and animals.

Ściany – nowy wymiar
wnętrza © FLOORSKY

Walls - a new dimension of the interior


Designer spaces with a concrete effect blend in with almost any - fitting to the taste of the owners - arrangement. That's why they are perfect for both industrial and more stylized interiors. Not content with the previous 20 years of experience in the application of thin-layer floors, Floorsky is constantly looking for new trends in architecture and interior design. Invariably, however, all coatings are made, as in a traditional manufactory - by hand.

Floorsky's proprietary technology

Floorsky applies this unique technology to interior design, making unique floors, staircases, unique walls and exceptional furniture. All Floorsky realizations are created in cooperation with interior designers and architects.

Thetechnique of laying thin coatings of only 3 mm is very precise and takes seven days. As a result, Floorsky coatings are durable, will not crack and are resistant to mechanical damage.

Floorsky has a palette of six concrete textures, fino, medium and rustic as standard, and aluminum, brass and copper as premium. It also delights with a wealth of colors, which can be selected from RAL and NCS catalogs according to one's own vision, fantasy and character of the interior. On the other hand, for the final visual effect, you can use one of eight optical versions: from ultra matt or matte through satin to high gloss.

- We have an individual approach to each solution, which we tailor to the style and character of the interior. We spend a lot of time talking about the expectations, visions, but also tastes of the owners of a residential, corporate or public space," says Arkadiusz Mrzyk, owner of the Floorsky brand.

Luxury interiors in Floorsky style

Elegant Floorsky coatings, thanks to their aesthetic and functional qualities, work well in any room: kitchen, bathroom, living room, lobby, and even on the terrace, in the garage and by the pool. In addition to their originality, they are durable and abrasion-resistant, which is why they are also used in offices, offices, commercial and service facilities, or modern and exclusive buildings, such as the NOSPR in Katowice.

Floors and stairs with concrete effect

Floorsky coatings, despite the effect of raw concrete, contain special heat-accumulating components that make it possible to walk on them even without shoes. In addition, in heavily used areas, such as kitchens, lobbies, hair salons and restaurants, the floors, which are devoid of joints that are difficult to clean, are easy to keep clean and stain-resistant. Floorsky technology is also used to make staircases, and their perfect surface can be achieved without unnecessary prickling and renovation mess.

Posadzka Floorsky
w obiektach publicznych © FLOORSKY

Floorsky flooring in public facilities


Artistic "image" of walls

Floorsky coatings laid on walls add character and space to interiors, creating a unique atmosphere in the interior, appropriate to the style of the room. This is achieved thanks to a structure with artistic smears, with which the entire surface of the walls is covered. In addition, the coatings are waterproof and do not require renovation. And each realization, thanks to the manual application of coatings, is different and unique.

Furniture from boundless imagination

Cement-resin coatings can be used to make remarkable and extremely resistant to temperature, moisture and mechanical damage furniture countertops - for example, in the kitchen or bathroom. What's more, the coatings from which they are made give unlimited possibilities of arrangement, and at the same time they are safe in contact with food. The countertops will also blend naturally with the entire interior, where Floorsky design is used.

Industrialna wyspa kuchenna
Floorsky © FLOORSKY

Floorsky industrial kitchen island


Floorsky's unusual technology will probably appeal to architects and designers, as elegance combined with durability is an excellent alternative to other solutions used in interior design.

Floorsky guarantees technical support already at the design stage, and also provides sample samples of mineral materials. This allows you to choose those that - under natural conditions, regardless of the time of day or sunlight - meet the expectations of the most demanding interior owners.

For more information, visit the company's Floorsky – manufaktura podłóg page on the A&B portal.

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