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Energy efficiency and unique design

11 of December '20

Innovative solutions tailored to users' needs

Modern construction is all about product solutions that save energy thanks to modern technologies and solutions that fit the trend of minimalist design. Innovative product solutions and years of experience in the production of PVC join ery and aluminum join ery make Domel products the first choice of architects and contractors, whenever the highest quality and modern technology count.

Domel has been producing joinery since 2000. The product portfolio consists of two product groups, which include PVC products and aluminum products. In addition to domestic sales, the company also conducts export activities by selling its products in 9 export markets.

PVC windows and doors and aluminum systems manufactured by Domel can be found in many facilities both in Poland and abroad. Domel windows are installed in single-family housing, building renovations, residential construction, public facilities, modern commercial, industrial and service buildings.

Porosły-Kolonia, Miladesign

Porosły-Kolonia, Miladesign



  • QUADRO. Quadro windows feature ultra-narrow profiles and a concealed sash. Unified dimension-both the combination of frame with sash, assembly with movable mullion and fixed glazing have the same width of 100 mm. Thanks to this, a window with different functions from the outside looks identical. QUADRO windows are manufactured using acrylcolor technology. Especially used in modern office construction.
  • VECTOR. VECTOR windows, thanks to a carefully designed multi-chamber profile structure, allows to achieve high thermal insulation. It protects against heat loss, which positively affects energy consumption and saves on heating costs.


  • Energetic. Energy-saving windows minimize heat loss due to excellent insulation parameters. The tightness of the windows reduces the cost of home maintenance by lowering heating bills. Energetic is the perfect solution for energy-efficient homes.
  • Infinity Passive. INFINITY Passive windows used in passive construction minimize heating, lighting and air conditioning costs. They have a very low thermal transmittance coefficient. They use innovative dry glazing technology with a special tape, which ensures ideal durability, strength and no deformation of window structures. Recommended for passive construction.

Warszawa, Jana Kazimierza,
Budynek mieszkalny © DOMEL

Warsaw, Jana Kazimierza, Residential building



Provide thermal insulation at a level consistent with building code requirements. Protect the house against burglars thanks to the use of anti-burglary strikers.

  • SYNERGIC. Is distinguished by the most secure standard of workmanship on the market. The window is equipped with anti-burglary strikers around the perimeter. Guarantees trouble-free, long-lasting use thanks to high-quality components and precision workmanship. An ideal choice for residential construction focused on durable economic solutions.
  • ADVANCE. High-quality components and precision workmanship ensure trouble-free, long-term use. In addition, steel reinforcements are responsible for the statics of the window. While the gasket system provides a guarantee of tightness and reliability of the window.


Energy efficiency and exceptional design are features of modern construction. Aluminum products are in line with current trends in energy-efficient construction.

  • MB 86. The MB 86 window and door system is a product with very good parameters, giving the possibility of satisfying a variety of user needs. The construction of the sections has 3 design variants: ST, SI and AERO. MB 86 is the world's first system of aluminum windows and doors, which uses aerogel - a material with excellent thermal insulation. A two-component central gasket perfectly seals and thermally insulates the space between the sash and frame.
  • MB 104. This system is used to make elements of architectural exterior development, e.g.: various types of windows, vestibules, display windows, and spatial constructions, which are characterized, in addition to excellent thermal insulation, also by very good sound insulation, water and air tightness, and high structural strength.


  • MB 60. It is used to make elements of architectural exterior development that require thermal and acoustic insulation, such as: various types of windows, doors, vestibules, showcases, spatial structures. The MB-60 system is the basis for solutions with increased thermal insulation.
  • MB40. MB-45 is used to make constructions without thermal insulation, e.g.: various types of partition walls, windows, doors, including manually and automatically sliding doors, swing doors, vestibules, display windows, cashier boxes, showcases, spatial constructions. The MB-45 system is also the basis for special solutions: smoke-proof partitions and doors.

Warszawa, Domaniewska, Szkoła
Podstawowa © DOMEL

Warsaw, Domaniewska, Elementary School



Facade systems are used to construct glazed facades of buildings such as banks, hotels, offices, office buildings, car showrooms and sports halls.

  • MB SR 50. The MB-SR50 system is designed for constructing and constructing lightweight curtain walls - flat of the hanging and filling type, as well as roofs, skylights and other structures.
  • MB TT 50. mullion and transom facade system that allows the construction of curtain or infill walls, roofs and spatial structures. It gives a wide range of development possibilities, and is also intended as a basis for fire and burglar-proof solutions.


Fire protection systems allow you to perform a variety of elements of the development of fire zones and provide appropriate conditions for the evacuation of people.

  • MB 78 EI. The MB-78 EI fire wall system is used to make internal or external fire partitions with single and double-leaf doors of fire resistance class EI15, EI30, EI45 or EI60, according to the PN-B-02851-1:1997 standard.
  • MB 60E EI. MB-60E EI system is used to make internal or external single and double leaf fire doors. The system also makes it possible to make so-called technical windows and fire partition walls. Constructions made on the basis of MB-60E EI system are characterized by fire resistance class EI15 or EI30.

For more information, visit the company's Domel Sp. z o.o. page on the A&B portal.

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