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Neolith® HQ Showroom. Sintered stone in interiors, or designing with imagination

01 of December '20

Neolith® sintered stone in modern interiors.
From the series "Interior Trends 2021".

Created as a 360° tour of Neolith®'s numerous interior and exterior applications, this exclusive and comprehensive exhibition showcases Neolith® plastic used in every surface, from floors, walls and ceilings to kitchen islands, carved artwork and countertops. The entire space exudes exceptional visual finesse - a panorama of top-quality materials and products put together to create a luxurious collection of rooms full of grand, original details.

Furniture, furnishings and accessories supplied by several world-renowned manufacturers of interior design products, including brands B&B Italia, DOCA, Jacuzzi, Flos, Louis Poulsen and PITT Cooking, complete the visual appeal of this showroom. In addition to providing the necessary context for each themed area, the carefully selected use of these elements throughout the space enables the creation of a relaxed, modern aesthetic that exudes a cozy, homey atmosphere.

As the creative vision of the brand's architect, Giuliana Barandiarán, the Neolith® HQ Showroom facility has successfully breathed life into a wide range of Neolith® surfaces in an unprecedented way.

Neolith® HQ Showroom
– wyrafinowana strefa barowa

Neolith® HQ Showroom - a sophisticated bar area

Fine interior decoration

When visitors cross the threshold of the showroom, they are greeted by a sophisticated bar area, the centerpiece of which is an impressive monolithic island maintained in two shades, thanks to the use of the luxurious Nero Marquina model and the urban New York - New York model, alluding to the atmosphere of a trendy and modern "lounge" style bar. The piece was designed in collaboration with interior designer Virginia Albaja.

The theme of contrasts extends to the cabinetry, creating a space that makes a lasting first impression and showcasing a way to maximize the potential of the space for fine interior decoration.

Neolith® HQ Showroom
– minimalistyczna, kunsztowna kuchnia

Neolith® HQ Showroom - a minimalist, artful kitchen

Masterchef, or dream kitchen with Neolith®

Designed to establish a visual dialogue with the adjacent bar, the demonstration kitchen equipped with PITT Cooking's fully integrated range of kitchen appliances was made entirely of the New York - New York model from, hood to hob. It is an atmospheric, minimalist space that complements the culinary creations without distracting from or overshadowing their brilliance.

Paired with elegant cabinetry by DOCA, crafted in black Scandinavian wood and lined with one of the latest Neolith® models, Amazonico, the space unmistakably gains style as well as panache. Complemented by concealed LED lighting and carefully selected artful furnishings, the kitchen perfectly reflects Neolith®'s unparalleled ability to balance form and function.

Neolith® HQ Showroom - a majestic, presentable living room

Majestic showroom - sintered stone and wood in interiors

When developing the concept for the lounge space of the Neolith® HQ Showroom facility, the design team aimed to create a cozy space that would also stand out for its aesthetic qualities. Upon entering the showroom, one's attention is immediately drawn to the large wooden dining table lined with the Calacatta Luxe model, made by B&B Italia specifically for the project. With carefully placed lighting by Louise Poulsen, this meticulously detailed space resembles an attractive sculpture.

The living room also includes a number of original design creations made from Neolith®. Essentially, the entire space is a tribute to timeless, masterful craftsmanship. Standout pieces include a geometric shelf made from the Strata Argentum model and an interpretation of Magritte's famous painting "Son of Man," created from numerous Neolith® scraps as confirmation that when working with Neolith®, the only limits are set by the imagination of the creator of the project.

Neolith® HQ Showroom
– przestronna i komfortowa łazienka

Neolith® HQ Showroom - a spacious and comfortable bathroom.

A stone bathroom, or contemporary thermae

The bathroom area offers a fresh perspective on the possibilities of using Neolith® surfaces. This striking and stunning installation reflects the 360° approach taken by Neolith® during project work. Fully lined with exotic Mar del Plata and complemented by dazzling gold-colored furnishings and accessories, this space includes a central countertop along with an array of elements typically found in a bathroom. Hidden cabinets and sliding doors also contribute to the desired impression of greater spaciousness. A particularly grand ornament is the eye-catching whirlpool bathtub supplied by Jacuzzi, whose exterior surface is fully lined with the Mar del Plata model.

Neolith® HQ Showroom
– nieograniczone możliwości zastosowania

Neolith® HQ Showroom - unlimited application possibilities

True value

Desiring to connect the outdoor surface with the interior, a special barbecue area was created, elevated on a platform to highlight the clever design of the Neolith® surfaces used to make it. Made in the form of solid structures with built-in grills and an expansive countertop, the patina-covered Sofía Cuprum panels, inspired by industrial steel after treatment, were juxtaposed with contrasting details made from Arctic White Nanotech. This provides an avant-garde, attractive, urban look.

The award-winning La Bohème model was used for the flooring. This choice simultaneously presents the possibility of creating visual continuity, while referring to the natural composition of the material and the ecological philosophy behind its production.

Neolith® HQ Showroom
– ekskluzywna strefa handlowa

Neolith® HQ Showroom - an exclusive boutique commercial area

Prestigious elegance of commercial spaces

Neolith® is also ideal for use in commercial spaces. The final room, which is dedicated to the commercial theme, perfectly presents the possibility of enhancing the comfort of a commercial space.

The idea of an upscale boutique was the source of inspiration for this room, and additional furniture was carefully selected to create an overall impression of finesse and luxury. Strategically placed lighting completes the space, complementing the visitor's experience and alluding to the elegance of a Parisian fashion house.

The walls and shelves are lined with an unusual but eye-catching juxtaposition of Retrostone and Mont Blanc models, the latter of which was also used for the table placed in the center of the room. These bright colors make it possible to create an unusual atmosphere and a feeling of spaciousness.


An innovative and sustainable package of benefits

TheNeolith® HQ Showroom is a truly unique facility. In one place, it allows its customers to experience the full range of models, finish variants, formats and thicknesses of the panels developed by the brand, while surprising them with the number of application possibilities presented.

Visitors can also experience the unparalleled, personalized customer service offered by the brand and discuss comprehensive technical details and specifications with company experts.

For more information, visit the company's NEOLITH POLSKA page on the A&B portal.

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