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"Sustainable Beauty" - Neolith's forward-looking campaign for sustainability

15 of March '23

In keeping with its firm belief in the need to shape a better world that offers attractive spaces to its residents, Neolith, as a manufacturer of the most environmentally friendly architectural surfaces available on the market today, is looking to the future with a new sustainability campaign.

Leaning towards responsible and sustainable aesthetics, the brand is firmly committed to taking care of its surroundings, reducing its environmental impact while creating spaces that encourage people to spend time in them.

Madrid, March 29, 2023 Neolith unveils its new Sustainable Beauty campaign. Leaning towards responsible and sustainable aesthetics, the world's leading sintered stone manufacturer is thinking about the future in terms of shaping a better world through attractive spaces for its inhabitants, with an absolute concern for protecting the environment and all elements of its value chain.

It is this message and approach that the brand wishes to address to its employees and the community of professional players in the fields of architecture, interior design and design, as well as to the construction sector that uses its surfaces every day, to thethe retail sector, to end consumers, and ultimately to society as a whole with a view to making a concerted effort to achieve its goals. Welcome to a more sustainable and greener world. Welcome to the future.

„Sustainable Beauty” - przyszłościowa kampania Neolith na rzecz zrównoważonego rozwoju

"Sustainable Beauty" - Neolith's forward-looking campaign for sustainability



Aware of its industry responsibility, the Neolith brand has adopted a strong strategy to improve its surroundings, reduce its environmental impact and create spaces that encourage people to spend time in them. All of this is embodied in a new concept the brand has named Sustainable Beauty, which includes three basic pillars: Beautiful Environment, Beautiful Creations and Beautiful Community .

Beautiful Environment is a declaration of principles alluding to the preservation of nature based on recycling, reducing resource consumption and reusing resources with a view to having a positive impact on the planet. By creating a product that is closely connected to nature, Neolith emphasizes the idea of caring for the raw materials extracted from it.

At the same time, this is an unequivocal expression of the essence of the brand's activities and its production processes. The sintered stone brand achieves unparalleled results in the industry, notable among which is the fact that 100% of the raw materials in the composition of the products it produces are natural raw materials, and up to 98% of these raw materials are recycled. In addition, 100% of the water used in the manufacturing process is recycled, and 100% of the electricity used comes from renewable sources.

Beautiful Creations, another Neolith pledge, is about creating architectural elements that lead the way in terms of sustainability and innovation, supporting the widely acclaimed model of a circular economy. Neolith is also the first company in the industry to achieve carbon neutral status.

The architectural surfaces being developed also contribute to the creation of attractive spaces that people want to live in, while setting design trends, inspiring professionals and consumers, and providing them with solutions to make any space unforgettable by using a wide range of exquisite, timeless color versions. The resulting impressive models offer unlimited possibilities and affect touch in unprecedented ways.

Thenew campaign also embraces the Beautiful Community concept, referring to the brand's firm commitment to the planet and the people who inhabit it, invariably putting people first to raise awareness, provide protection, support and inform, while taking care of the entire value chain. Noteworthy in this context is a significant achievement that is an expression of Neolith's philosophy - the development of a new slab composition that does not contain free crystalline silica, which is currently the highest achievement in the industry.

Sustainable Beauty is our statement for sustainability, a commitment to creating attractive spaces where you want to live and spend every moment, using sustainable, eco-friendly materials such as Neolith, which not only contributes to harmony andpromotes well-being in homes, retail buildings or urban architecture, but also has a minimal impact on the environment, while expressing the maximum commitment to protecting both the environment and the people around us," points out José Luis Ramón, CEO of the Neolith Group.


For more than a decade, Neolith has been creating spaces you want to live in, relying on ecological materials for aesthetics and harmony. To allow these values to be identified in its products, the Neolith brand chose to use the highly compelling symbol of the dragonfly. Shimmering with the colors of the rainbow, the dragonfly's wings, as well as its presence testifying to the healthy condition of aquatic ecosystems, allude to the many positive, impressive qualities that encourage the use of its symbol for various purposes.

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