In Search of Credibility. VII International Congress on the Economics of Value OEES

Ola Kloc
22 of November '22

Ubiquitous fake news is making it increasingly difficult for us to distinguish truth from lies. Overwhelming disinformation, manipulation of information intensify the sense of chaos and confusion. We need credibility and transparency more than ever.

It is around credibility that this year's seventh edition of the Open Eyes Economy Summit, inaugurated today, revolves.

stoisko A&B w Centrum Kongresowym ICE Kraków

A&B stand at the ICE Krakow Congress Center

photo: Lubomir Nikolov

This year we are calling to the table FAITHFULNESS as a keynote and as a concept only seemingly relative. In fact, it has concrete implications for both interpersonal relationships and hard economic data. Interpersonal credibility determines the health of a society, political credibility ensures trust in institutions and a sense of security, and economic credibility is the foundation of security - without it, our common home begins to resemble a castle on sand. Credibility has many faces, which are worth learning to recognize ," explain Professor Jerzy Hausner, Chairman of the OEES Program Council, and Mateusz Zmyślony, OEES Creative Director.

Mateusz Zmyślony tells more about the slogan of this year's edition:

This year's event brings together 250 international speakers who appear in 80 sessions divided into thematic tracks: Economic Credibility; Human Rights inbusiness, which will feature, among others, tred analyst Zuzanna Skalska; Climate-based Urban Regeneration, during which Professor Tadeusz Markowski will talk about the metabolism of the regenerative city; Young in the City, where one of the panelists will be Magdalena Milert, author of the Pieing blog; Green Deal - energy, food, health, where in the skirmish "Has homo sapiens lost the ability to control socio-economic development?" will be discussed by UITP Prof. Dr. Wojciech Misiąg and Prof. Wojciech Paprocki; Design Thinking in the Transformation Toward the Unknown, where Niels Righolt of Copenhagen's Center for Kunst & Interkultur will speak; and in a special Open Eyes to Ukraine track devoted to Ukraine 's most important economic, social, political and cultural issues, where Lviv's Mayor Andriy Sadovy will speak, among others.

pierwszy dzień kongresu OEES 2022

First day of the OEES 2022 congress

photo: Lubomir Nikolov

You can find the detailed program here.

Architecture & Business is a media patron of the congress. A side event of the OEES is the Festival of Open Architecture Studios - FOPA 2022.

pierwszy dzień kongresu OEES 2022

The first day of the OEES 2022 congress

photo: Lubomir Nikolov

compiled by: Ola Kloc

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