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Maciej Franta's lectures, "The Path to the Profession. 3rd edition

06 of March '24

With spring, Architecture & Business is back with stationary AUTHOR'S LECTURES! This time in April, together with Maciej Franta from the FRANTA GROUP studio, at the special request of male and female students we will visit Gdansk University of Technology and Warsaw University of Technology. We would like to invite you to the third edition of the lectures "The way to a profession"! During the event you will learn the answers to such questions as:whatpower does architecture have?What does an architect have in common with a superhero?What is at the heartof design? And, of course, how to achieve success in the profession, we invite you!


The purpose of the lecture series organized by A&B is to educate male and female students beyond the institutional framework of universities. Participants have the opportunity to learn the ins and outs of the profession through contact with active male and female architects, who emphasize the practical sides of the profession.

We are committed to ensuring that female and male architecture students, who are about to begin their professional work, learn from the best, strive to find their own solutions, take up challenges, because the quality of architecture and the urbanized environment in Poland is a topic they will face in their future design work.

Two lectures by Maciej Franta already in April

Together with Maciej Franta, last year we visited the Poznan and Wroclaw Universities of Technology, the Silesian University of Technology and the Cracow University of Technology. How will it be this time? We invite you to Gdansk and Warsaw.

  • April 23, 2024, 1:15 pm - Gdansk University of Technology, Main Building, room 365, G. Narutowicza St. 11/12, 80-233 Gdansk,
  • April 24, 2024, 12:00 pm - Faculty of Architecture, Warsaw University of Technology, Room 101, 55 Koszykowa Street, 00-659 Warsaw.

Admission is free!

Attendees and participants will receive event packages, including bags and A&B magazines.

Maciej Franta

Maciej FrantaThe guest speaker is Maciej Franta - one of the most famous architects of the young generation in Poland, leading the unquestionably successful Franta Group studio. He is a graduate of the Architecture Department of the Tadeusz Kosciuszko Cracow University of Technology and its ambassador. He was also educated at the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Knoxville in Tennessee. He gained experience at the Gensler Architecture Studio in New York, and in 2008 in Dublin.

In 2022, he was named to the list of the best architects before 40 under 40 and won the title of Architect of the Year in a competition organized by The Architecture Community website. He is the author of Villa Reden in Chorzow, which was showered with industry awards (including European Property Awards, World Design Awards 2021, Eurasian Prize, Iconic Awards, DNA Paris Design Awards 2021, Architecture Masterprize, German Design Awards, IDA Design Awards). His best-known projects include the Żorro residential building in Żory, the Wisła Hotel in Wisła, the Vidok residential complex in Katowice and Cosmo.

Maciej Franta is one of the originators of the architecture class at Chorzow's University First High School, the grandson of prominent architect Aleksander Franta. Together with Robert Konieczny (KWK Promes), he is working on the expansion of the spa in Ustroń Zawodzie.

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