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Gold in the bathroom - a simple way to have a functional and elegant bathroom

01 of April '22

Rich! - golden collection Stilo from GTV

Arranging a bathroom is one of the biggest challenges when decorating an apartment. We want it to be, first of all, functional, but not only... For us it is also a space for rest and relaxation. In order to furnish an eye-pleasing and fashionable space, it is necessary to take care not only of good quality furniture and tiles, but also of accessories. A stylish and extremely elegant addition is the color gold!

What do we associate the color gold with?

At the turn of the last few years it has ceased to be flashy, and has even become identified with luxury. Gold in interiors is one of the main trends of recent years, which introduces a touch of modern elegance. The warm colors of gold will enliven raw, modern fronts, and give classic furniture a little new expression.

How to decorate a stylish bathroom
with gold accessories?

Gold appreciates the company of materials and colors, with which it can play first fiddle. It goes perfectly with elegant black, neutral white, beige and soft grays. A more daring, but equally good combination is gold accompanied by navy blue and green, especially bottle shades. Gold will also highlight any shades of wood, concrete and stone, especially granite and marble.

Aranżacja kolekcji ze złotymi uchwytami i gałkami z kolekcji STILO

Arrangement of the collection with gold handles and knobs from the STILO collection


We have no doubt that gold is beneficial to the appearance of the bathroom.
However, when introducing it, moderation should be kept in mind.
Subtle accessories and small furnishings
in gold may be an ideal choice.

So how to introduce gold accessories?

The first way is to introduce shower and sink faucets in this color. It is enough to look at a golden tap, for example, in the fashionable retro style, or a golden rain shower head "growing" out of a wall covered with tiles imitating white marble.

Gold accessories such as mirror frames and soap dishes can also be extremely impressive.

Another popular idea for gold in the bathroom are furniture handles and knobs. They are not only a useful accessory... They are much more than that. They give the furniture an original and unique look. At a small cost we can turn an ordinary piece of furniture into an original and unique element of the space or subtly decorate it. Take a look for yourself...

Meble ze złotymi uchwytami i gałkami z kolekcji STILO

Furniture with golden handles and knobs from the STILO collection


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