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Nomet - furniture accessories with Polish tradition

09 of December '23

Furniture Accessories with Polish Tradition

Good interior design is not only about large forms of furniture and furnishings. It's also the small details that give flavor to the entire room. The Nomet company focuses on these details, treating them as jewelry for the interior.

Nomet is one of the largest Polish companies producing furniture accessories. The products represent excellence in design, while carrying with them a long tradition of Polish craftsmanship. As a company with only Polish capital and full control over the production process, they offer customers products with the highest quality workmanship, manufactured with modern trends in mind.

Wieszaki łazienkowe – kolekcja ROG

Bathroom hangers - ROG collection


Individuality in space - RITMO system

Nomet's offer includes a wide range of furniture solutions. The company's priority is to create ideal solutions for shaping a space, and the RITMO closet system is a unique tool that allows any space to be customized.

RITMO is distinguished by its modular nature, which allows you to freely construct and expand the system according to your preferences. Modules include, among others, drawers, shelves, rods, and other elements that enable comprehensive storage of clothes, shoes, and fashion accessories. RITMO is also ideal as a system for developing space in the living area, home office, as well as a solution for public spaces such as hotels and stores.

The system features a choice of color options, making it suitable for many interiors. The freedom of installation allows for flexible arrangement of elements depending on aesthetic and functional preferences.

Szuflady Ritmo

Ritmo drawers


Geometric interior finish - ROG collection

Created with the perfect interior finish in mind. ROG not only complements the aesthetics, but also adds elegance and modernity. The collection includes hangers, handles and door hardware.

Functionality is a key element of ROG. Hangers and handles provide practicality, so that the product integrates perfectly with the daily needs of users. The collection is distinguished by its minimalist form, making it an excellent choice for those who appreciate simplicity and modern style. The smooth finish adds nobility and uniqueness to this collection.

System Ritmo – strefa dzienna

Ritmo system - living area


ROG is above all an artful combination of geometric shapes, perfect interior finish and minimalist form, which will make the interior unique and unrepeatable.

For more information, visit the company's {tag:Manufacturer} page on the PdA portal.

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