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We help furnish offices and public spaces around the world!

09 of December '23

For more than 30 years, we have been helping people around the world furnish offices and public spaces. Thanks to our know-how, comprehensive offer and commitment, we have become one of the leaders in the furniture industry in Europe. We have our own structures and offices in 12 countries, and sell our products to more than 100 countries around the world. We present the latest workspace solutions in our flagship showroom Office Inspiration Centre in Cracow, and in other major European cities like London and Paris. We cooperate with renowned designers from all over the world, consistently developing the product portfolios of our two main brands: Nowy Styl and the premium brand Kusch+Co.


Utila is a versatile chair, perfectly suited to a variety of spaces. Whether it's a modern open space, a coworking area or an office in an office, the Utila line is an excellent choice. It is also a perfect complement to the home office, introducing not only style, but above all comfort and ergonomic working conditions.

Krzesło Utila - Nowy Styl

Utila chair - Nowy Styl



Modern working style is both communication, exchange of ideas, business meetings, but also working in silence as well as in concentration. The Vapaa line was designed to meet all these needs. It resonates with users, is functional and timeless. With the Vapaa line you will arrange many office spaces.

Krzesła Vapaa, Tilkka, stół MeeThink - Nowy Styl

Vapaa chairs, Tilkka, MeeThink table - Nowy Styl



OXO is a modular system consisting of well thought-out elements that can be freely combined with each other. Mobile, easy to modify and creative furniture systems are the most popular solutions in agile offices today. With the help of the OXO line, you can build room-in-room spaces and autonomous meeting islands, which are an alternative to traditional conference rooms equipped with chairs and tables. Self-defined micro collaboration zones open up out-of-the-box thinking and help overcome difficulties in the free exchange of ideas between participants in brainstorming sessions, workshops and training sessions.

System modułowy Oxo - Nowy Styl, krzesła Njord, stół Comta - KuschCo

Oxo modular system - Nowy Styl, Njord chairs, Comta table - KuschCo.



Just as we are changing - so is the style of our work and the need for office space arrangement that goes with it. Nowadays we are looking for innovative solutions that allow us to be more mobile and flexible. In the face of dynamically changing trends, let's allow ourselves to create office spaces that can be quickly rearranged. Brainy is a mobile workstation for individual, focused work that you can set up yourself in seconds. It helps you stay fully focused, allows you to work efficiently and achieve your goals. It allows you to isolate yourself from external stimuli and focus on the task at hand, while providing acoustic comfort.

System modułowy Brainy - Nowy Styl

Brainy modular system - Nowy Styl



The minimalist design language of Scorpii tables makes them a harmonious complement to any space. The hallmark of this series is the design of the tabletop, which seems to float above the frame.

Stolik Scorpii - KuschCo

Scorpii table - KuschCo


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