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We help furnish office space and public areas

24 of December '20

For nearly 30 years, Nowy Styl has been helping companies around the world furnish office space and public places - stadiums, terminals, concert halls, cinemas or hotels. It first identifies customers' needs, then selects, manufactures and delivers solutions that will make their work healthier, more efficient and comfortable, and their travel and relaxation more enjoyable.

Innovative thinking is embedded in the company's name. It is thanks to it that Nowy Styl has achieved the position of European leader in its industry and is consistently taking on new challenges. Currently it is focusing, among other things, on the development of its premium offer, helped by the recent acquisition of Kusch+Co, a brand famous for its designer products.

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eModel 2.0 © NOWY

eModel 2.0


Desks with electric height adjustment

With the ability to quickly and freely change the height of the top, the line of desks with electric height adjustment allows you to work in any position. The eUP desk is the answer for those looking for products with basic options and functionality, while eModel 2.0 is the solution for the most demanding. Play&Work will be particularly suitable for a modernist-style office, while the exclusive eRange furniture system - for a space that is sophisticated and practical at the same time.


Everything that surrounds us is an expression of our lifestyle and attitudes. The Lupino line not only reflects the dynamics of today. It also expresses lifestyle and inspires new interior design concepts. The Lupino seats designed for New Style's premium brand, Kusch+Co, are distinguished by organic lines and proportions. They exude an almost sporty dynamism, and their shape mesmerizes with minimalist style.


For what purpose do you meet at the table? To think about something, to work, to talk, to relax? In any situation, the MeeThink line will be the optimal solution. The ability to adjust the size of the tabletop to the average number of participants in the meeting ensures comfort and ideal use of space. Monocolor or mix? Rounded or angular shape? Modern or classic design? Which MeeThink table do you choose?

MeeThink © NOWY STYL




In effective work, rest is important. With breaks in mind, the Naudu series of sofas and armchairs was created, which look great in a modern office, a trendy waiting room or a cantina full of plants. The backrest with high integrated armrests and a wide seat ensure a comfortable body position while sitting. With three types of base, the possibility to combine two colors of upholstery and many finishing options, the appearance of Naudu sofas and armchairs depends only on your imagination.

For more information, visit the company's NOWY STYL OFFICE INSPIRATION CENTRE page on the A&B portal.

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