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Acoustic and mobile work booths, giving employees comfort at work

24 of December '20

For more than 30 years we have been engaged not only in the production of office furniture, but above all in designing offices that meet the expectations of employees and their employers. We are experts in designing modern workplaces. We are the creator of the Hushoffice product line - acoustic and mobile work booths, giving the employee a free space to work in silence and focus.

Over the years, we have analyzed global trends and best practices in offices around the world. Why? To understand what people need. We've learned this: employees need change. To keep up, people need flexible office solutions. That's why we use all of our expertise in office furniture manufacturing to deliver products like Hushoffice - acoustic booths for one-on-one work, phone and video conferencing, and meeting with clients and working with a team.

hushPhone © MIKOMAX



We are passionate about providing people with workplaces that meet their needs. We believe that flexible, ergonomic solutions complement the office space and positively shape the team culture forever.

TheStand Up desk was created to promote the health-beneficial sit & stand work mode, which prevents ailments associated with immobility. It is based on a patented manual system for adjusting the height of the top, which allows you to move smoothly from one position to another without interrupting your tasks. Stand Up is not only functional, but also remarkable design, which was recognized with the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2017 Best of the Best.

Biurko Stand Up

Stand Up desk R


Ligo is a system of modular cubbies that gives you the opportunity to create a complete office. In an instant, each employee can independently rearrange the office into an auditorium for creative meetings, into a high table for conceptual work, or into independent seats and benches. The ideal system for conference rooms, meeting rooms, chillout areas and anywhere creativity and functionality go hand in hand.

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For more information, visit the company's MIKOMAX SMART OFFICE page on the A&B portal.

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