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Hush - a mobile workspace

25 of November '19

We were founded 30 years ago, out of passion and fascination for the then fledgling office environment in Poland. Over time, we have become a recognizable international brand specializing also in the area of smart working. When designing interiors and furniture, we are guided by one principle: we want work to make sense. Both our work and the people to whom we provide friendly working environments.

Hush is a line of acoustic mobile work booths, giving the employee freedom and choice. Hush is a proprietary, complete concept for creating work spaces. The first to be developed was Hush Phone, a phone booth that significantly improves the comfort of the entire office. It protects the privacy of conversations, reduces noise, and ultimately improves the mood as everyone can feel more at ease. Its positive reception was the reason for the development of more models, responding to more needs.

Today, we also offer Hush Work, a focus space for one person, which eliminates the key problems attributed to open space: too many distractions, lack of privacy, lack of space where employees can feel at ease. We have also created a series of Hush Meet pods that addresses the common problem of a lack of meeting spaces. Hush Meet varies in size in order to optimize space as efficiently as possible and level the situation where a two-person meeting is held in a room dedicated to 8 people. Our current offer includes Hush Meet S - for 2 people, Hush Meet - for 4 people (also available in Hush Meet Open version) and Hush Meet L - suitable for up to 10 people.

TheStand Up desk was created to promote the health-beneficial sit & stand work mode, which prevents ailments associated with immobility. It is based on a patented manual system for adjusting the height of the top, which allows you to move smoothly from one position to another without interrupting the tasks at hand. Stand Up is not only functional, but also remarkable in design, which was recognized with the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2017 Best of the Best.

Ligo is a system of independent, colorful cubbies from which employees can build their own furniture according to their needs. In a few moments, Ligo can be transformed into an auditorium ideal for creative meetings and training, high tables for conceptual work, tables, and into independent seating and benches for group work and relaxing coffee. Because a break is also needed at work.

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