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Inspirational office interiors

26 of November '19

We have been creating comprehensive furniture solutions for offices and public places for over 25 years. We are currently the 3rd largest manufacturer of office furniture in Europe. We employ more than 6,500 employees worldwide.

It is thanks to them - experts, workspace consultants, production engineers and many other specialists - that we have our unique, market-recognized know-how. We research, project manage, arrange, and produce aesthetically pleasing and functional furniture.

Be sure to check out our new products!

Xilium chair

We sit, sit, sit... We already sit for an average of 13 hours a day, more than half of which at work. We can't avoid sitting, but we can do it in a healthier way. With Xilium you can sit as you are comfortable and the chair will follow you. The Duo-Back does not push on vertebrae and discs and reduces spinal compression by up to 50%. The patented X-MOVE function allows dynamic side-to-side movement and activates fine torsional movement in the lumbar region. Because the healthiest sitting is dynamic sitting.

Play&Work Sofa

Its vibrant colors and freestanding tables create a comfortable place to drink your morning coffee and organize your work day together with your team. They are also suitable for informal meetings and moments of relaxation, and thanks to the high upholstered panels - also for focused work. The Play&Work sofa is a multifunctional "room within a room" that makes it simpler to use the full potential of a small space. In addition, it has a large sound-absorbing surface, helping to improve the acoustic properties of the room.

Denuo chair

With each of its features it defies boredom and monotony. It is bold, original and eye-catching. It has an unobvious array of fabric colors - including fashionable maroon, inspiring emerald green, delicate gray and universal blue and black. Denuo flawlessly reflects current color trends, and with its soaring geometric back line, builds a unique character to the space. Gathering the sympathy of architects, the chair fits many creative design solutions in the office and beyond.

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