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How to design a kitchen in which aesthetics are combined with functionality?

06 of March '24

Professionals recommend: the REHAU Passion for color 2023 collection of furniture surfaces.

The kitchen is a meeting place. It is where we cook, meet with loved ones and even receive guests. When arranging kitchens, we look for furniture that will be characterized by timeless design, will be made of the best quality materials. One that will be resistant to heat, steam, grease, but will also be easy to care for. On top of that, they should still have as much storage space as possible. Ideally, the furniture should give the room an individual character, while making the most of the available space.

Some people ask for help from an interior designer, others look for reliable carpenters, and still others seek advice from friends or online forums.

The ideal solution, tailored to the individual needs of each demanding client, has been developed by REHAU designers, creating a collection of panels for custom furniture Passion for color 2023, a collection inspired by colors taken from the world of spices. By choosing fronts in the color of earthy turmeric or fiery chili, among others, you turn your home into a feast for the senses.

REHAU Passion for color 2023

REHAU Passion for color 2023

© Rehau

Curcuma Gold, Pepper Grey, Nutmeg Brown, Vanilla Cream, Ground Chili, Pink Salt are colors from the REHAU collection that will stimulate your senses.

łazienka Rehau Curcuma Gold

REHAU Curcuma Gold bathroom

© Rehau

Curcuma Gold: warm - earthy - delicate

This color is inspired by turmeric, a powder with a golden yellow hue. RAUVISIO noir furniture fronts in Curcuma Gold are an ideal choice for kitchens where wood plays the main role, it also goes well with sandy and earthy colors, while in combination with dark gray it creates an intriguing contrast.

Rehau Pepper Grey

REHAU Pepper Grey

© Rehau

Pepper Grey: full of class - elegant - versatile

RAUVISIO noir, RAUVISIO brilliant noble matt furniture fronts in Pepper Grey are as versatile and noble as pepper. It is a color that goes with everything! It gives the interior design elegance, class, harmony. This neutral, calm color, softens bright shades and emphasizes softer colors.

Rehau Nutmeg Brown

REHAU Nutmeg Brown

© Rehau

Nutmeg Brown; harmonious - practical - elegant

Be inspired by the color of nutmeg and choose RAUVISIO noir tiles. Use them in your design and create a Scandinavian-style interior in the color scheme of black, white, or gray. This shade radiates warmth, gently and elegantly fitting into the design of many rooms.

Rehau Vanilla Cream

REHAU Vanilla Cream

© Rehau

Vanilla Cream: light - delicate - sunny

"Queen of spices" sweet and sunny vanilla, just like Vanilla Cream. This color is ideal for those who find white too cool and harsh. It's an alternative for those who would gently like to liven up an interior. RAUVISIO noir, or RAUVISIO brilliant noble matt tile in Vanilla Cream color matches pastel interiors. Its sunny shade also blends beautifully with wooden elements, creating an "eye-pleasing" contrast.

Rehau Ground Chili

REHAU Ground Chili

© Rehau

Ground Chili: intense - modern - fiery

This vivid dark red shade is associated with spicy chili peppers. RAUVISIO noir furniture surfaces in Ground Chili color will make the interior more elegant and modern. Composing them with dark wood, black and shades of gray you will create a luxurious and sensual interior. On the other hand, combining them with olive color, dark blue or light pink, you will get an equally surprising effect.

Rehau Pink Salt

REHAU Pink Salt

© Rehau

Pink Salt: light - powdery - invigorating

The light pink color of Himalayan salt has found its way into furniture manufacturing. This warm, light and almost powdery shade is subtly eye-catching. It will perfectly match the interior, where other fronts from the REHAU collection have already been used, such as Ground Chili and Nutmeg Brown. An interesting effect will be obtained by combining the surface of RAUVISIO noir in Pink Salt with black or olive green.

The Passion for color 2023 collection is part of the RAUVISIO brilliant noble matt and RAUVISIO noir collections.

As of 2024, both collections - RAUVISIO brilliant nob le matt (acrylic board, from which the carpenter makes or orders finished fronts) and RAUVISIO noir (HPL material, even more durable than acrylic) come in the same 20 colors.

Strengths of acrylic fronts from the RAUVISIO brilliant noble matt collection:

  • silky smooth, ultra-matt surface,
  • high scratch resistance;
  • pleasant to the touch surface, no fingerprints;
  • colorfastness and UV resistance;
  • easy to care for.

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