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Lighting 2021: smart and flexible

30 of August '21

Lighting that creates atmosphere.
From the series "Fashionable furniture, flexible lighting - trends 2021".

Imagine a light that we can freely adjust to our mood, time of day or occasion. We don't even have to get up from the couch to turn it on or change its color. We can conveniently control it with a smartphone or tablet. Convenience and flexibility are the trends of 2021.

Last year, Poland had only 66 days of sunshine. That's less than 20% of the entire year. If we add to this the dusk that falls quickly in autumn and winter, we see how crucial a role proper lighting plays. However, its primary function of providing a source of light is not enough.

Lighting that creates atmosphere

It can be said that home lighting has entered a new era. Increasingly, it is a design element that transforms the space, highlights important places in the apartment or displays decorations and memorabilia. It also provides the right atmosphere. How does such an inconspicuous element affect our mood?

Light with a high proportion of blue color will have an invigorating and stimulating effect, while that of yellow or orange color - calming and relaxing. Therefore, the traditional division: warm color for the living room, cool color for the kitchen or bathroom is not enough. It'simportant to have the flexibility to control the light color also depending on the time of day," explains Wojciech Olchówka, lighting expert at Häfele Loox.


It's not just the moment that counts. The circumstances are also important. Even for evening relaxation: different lighting will be needed when watching a movie, reading a book or visiting guests. In designing the arrangement of lamps in an apartment or house, it is therefore worth bearing in mind not only the various points of light, providing the best possible illumination of the rooms, but also the possibility of controlling the color of the light. Such a possibility is provided, among others, by LED Multi White tapes from Häfele.

We set the lighting remotely using modern technology, flexibly adjust the color of light, which smoothly goes from warm to cold. In addition, the tape is only 8 mm, and can be easily installed and even hidden behind furniture," says Wojciech Olchówka.


Light for special tasks

So the technological revolution is also reaching into lighting. We are operating more and more things remotely, so why not light? Importantly, modern technology is not an end in itself. It's all about making things even more convenient for the user. Manufacturers have picked up on the theme, launching systems with which lighting can be controlled wirelessly.

With the dedicated Häfele Connect Mesh app, we can centrally connect different parts, group luminaires, as well as design and save a lighting scenario. We can run it via phone or tablet, because it is based on Bluetooth wireless technology. It's a really convenient solution," explains Wojciech Olchówka.


The convenience of remote control also goes beyond lighting. The integrated system also supports other products in the Häfele portfolio, such as TV lifts and electric sliding doors.

It's all about functionality and convenience. That's why we give you the option of combining different systems into a single, smoothly functioning whole. Imagine sitting on the couch in the evening and deciding to watch an evening movie. Through the app, we activate a lift that pulls the TV out of the cabinet. We turn on the TV itself by remote control or by phone, if we have the right app. In the same way, we adjust the lighting remotely. We don't even have to get up," the expert concludes.

It seems that the times when the utilitarian function of light mattered most are over. What matters now is also comfort, flexible adjustment to the needs and moods of the occupants. And if this can be done with a few clicks on the phone - all the better.

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